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You are a true friend and a kind soul--expect our most important updates and our hearty thanks!  Your spirit animal is our original nun sprite, she is humble-yet-awesome.

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Everybody who supports the game will get, in addition to my heartfelt personal gratitude, access to a special Discord server where we'll discuss the game, dev progress, and whatnot. What's a Discord channel, you ask?  Pay this tithe and find out.

Gun Nun Novitiate
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Welcome young one, you will have full access to the Discord channel and demo-playing privileges (beta version)--that means you can send direct feedback on the early version of the game. Again, you will have my heartfelt personal gratitude.




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NUNS with GUNS: an online indie video game @ nunguns.com

I am building a Gothic-Bullet-Hell video game, "NUNS with GUNS", that will eventually be absolutely free to play online!  With your support I will devote my whole soul (and all my time) to producing a captivating HTML5 game.

We. Have. The. Technology.  There is no reason that games have to be expensive or limited to certain platforms.  I aim to prove that great games can be made in HTML5, for anyone to play.

We. Have. The. Fun.  Bullet hells are notoriously fun games that give players a tremendous sense of accomplishment, because they are hard!  You will hate-enjoy it SO much!

We. Have. You.  Join me in creating a fun game and possibly upending gaming a bit.  Supporters will have early access to the alpha/demo version of the game and will have a voice in the creative process.
$13 of $500 per month
In order to pay server costs and get the ball firmly rolling, we want to reach this first goal of $500/mo.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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