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Over the last several years of building Laravel, I’ve been asked numerous times how people can support ongoing Laravel development. I typically tell people that subscribing to Forge or Envoyer is a great way to support the framework. However, some either do not need these services or want to do more.

Meanwhile, another request I have had over the years is to provide a way to ask questions to me directly. Typically, these requests come from established companies that sometimes need some professional guidance on the best direction to take with a given Laravel problem.
I have considered posting a donation page several times in the past and have avoided it thus far because I did not want to feel like I was begging for anything. However, I have decided to attempt to combine the two.

Companies sponsoring at the Silver and Gold level will receive their company logo on the Laravel “readme”, and may invite one of their developers to a private Discord channel with myself and other Silver and Gold sponsors. In addition, Gold sponsors automatically receive the “community” Laracon US sponsorship package each year.

Meanwhile, companies sponsoring at the Diamond and Platinum level (of which there may only be 24 total) may invite 5 of their developers to a separate, priority Discord channel with myself, core Laravel developers, and other Diamond and Platinum sponsors. These sponsors also receive individual monthly video conferences with me directly to discuss or screenshare problems, successes, and any other Laravel topics they may need to discuss.

This gives development teams not only direct access to me for guidance, but also gives me direct access to established companies building on Laravel, providing valuable feedback and insight into how people are using the framework. Vehikl joined this program some months ago as the first Diamond sponsor.

Additionally, Diamond and Platinum sponsors will have their logo and company information featured on a brand-new “partners” section of the Laravel website, featuring an entire paragraph of text about the company.

Thank you for considering sponsoring the development of Laravel!

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