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About Taylor Steele

about me:
my name is taylor steele, and i am a queer blk NYC born and based poet, screenwriter, playwright, essayist, performer, and comedy writer who has worked predominantly as an educator. my written work has been published in or featured by apogee journal, button poetry, AFROPUNK, huffington post, philadelphia printworks, BOAAT Press, and more

what i'm working on:
  • editing a play i wrote/directed for a fall theater residency at The Center at West Park to submit to nyc theaters
  • getting a web-series pilot produced Winter 2020
  • editing a new chapbook for submissions
  • writing a TV series bible to pitch
  • writing comedy sketches for CNT Productions

what the stars say about me:

my sun, moon, and rising are all in taurus. so, sure, i'm stubborn. and reliable, hard-working, and honest. i crave stability, comfort, avenues for creative exploration, as well as exploration of the divine. and i was born during a new moon, so apparently my mind and heart are in total alignment. woo woo shit, ya dig?

how you'd be helping me:
i need the time and space to create what i need to create without all the anxieties that come with attempting to survive capitalism! with your help, i can not only pay my bills, but also pay other creatives (photographers, actors, directors, writers, editors, etc.) to assist in my art-making. 

thank you!
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