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The Show Must Go On:

$3 /mo
The websites stay up, the email remains running, the podcasts keep coming, I continue  writing, maybe finally get to build the Hack the Craft program, and you have my deepest gratitude and probably...

Make Me Take a Coffee Break:

$6 /mo
Everything above plus:

     *  One heartfelt and handwritten thank you. 

     *  One collection of book cover art in the form of keepsake fridge magnets.

Skip the Coffee and Put a Drink or Three in My Hand:

$9 /mo
Everything above plus:


*  Access to a Patron only video stream in which I will (for the first time ever, but on no predictable or set schedule) post short videos about whatever's on my ...


Force Me Out of the House for Something That's Not Work:

$23 /mo
Everything above plus: 

     *  Special access to an advanced Patron feed that includes in-depth writing and editing tutorials and advice. 

     * Invitation to send in materi...


Insist on Some Zen Time:

$48 /mo
Everything above plus:

     *  A hardcover copy of any one of my books (your choice) autographed and/or personalized.

      * Free access to the Hack the Craft program if/when...


This is Being Utterly Spoiled:

$130 /mo
Everything above except instead of one book of choice you get a full hardcover collection autographed and/or personalized. 

*The books will be sent out one month at time,...


Because Being a Hermit isn't Healthy:

$249 /mo
Everything above plus one hour each month of one-on-one conversation with me via Skype (or similar form of communication) in which you’re free to pick my brain, get personalized writing or editing ...

Because I'm Not the Only Crazy One:

$500 /mo
Everything above.  I’ve run out of more to offer and am putting this here because sometimes love and generosity just are. Please don’t do this unless you truly have the financial means to not stres...