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About me
Greetings!  Thank you for taking a moment to learn a bit about me and my work. I am a listener, a story carrier, myth maker, folklorist, writer and teller of tales wee & wide, and I am also a yoga instructor with master's degree in Vedic Science.  My life and work flows in  and between the breadth & depth of these massive fields of experience and study.  

My ancestors; pioneers, puritans, and travelers carrying stories from the Jurassic Coastline of Britain,  the dreaming mountain tops of Lochland (Norway), the deep loric Bavarian forests to the Great Lakes and Rolling Prairie-lands of America.

I am a Wisconsin native who has roamed and roved far and wide in my country and beyond - rooting my life to rivers, oceans, islands and forests...and to stories and the ancient art of storytelling.   Since 2009, once again, I call the land of red granite, dark wild woods and clear, and near bottomless lakes - Wisconsin, home.  

Storytelling is ... an ancient, live, interactive and intimate exchange between listener and teller.

Storytelling is vast.  It is a web, a bridge and a often a lifeline.

Storytelling builds trust, creates communion with ourselves, others, with the natural world which now more than ever all beg for our authentic attention.

Storytelling breaks open imaginations, empowers lives and storytelling heals.

About my work
I stepped onto the path of storyteller 26 years under an Oregon hazelnut tree and have never looked back.  Initially I was inspired by the tellers 'round my Grandparent's kitchen table, by the likes of Dr. Clarissa Pincola Estes, Joseph Campbell and the tradition bearers of Outer Hebrides of Scotland with their rich and deeply cooked tradition of storytelling.  Currently the works of myth-carriers Sharon Blackie Michael Meade and Martin Shaw inform my work.

From Oregon to Vermont to Wisconsin to New Mexico to Iowa I have rooted into the land listening and telling, rising into my voice as a storyteller, and sharing my love of this craft.  The tools of my trade are; deep listening, respect for the stories that shape my world/soul-life, the landscapes of the home places I know and the wild imaginal realm winking just out of the corner of my eye -  all this creates the mighty hubris for every tale I court, tell and guide others to engage with.

I believe that stories and storytelling are set deep in our human bones and more than ever we need more mythically aware people, we need to listen deeper, to imagine well beyond the coding of colonization and conditioning and to more powerfully inhabit our own precious lives and this miraculous planet. 

We need the evocative intelligence of old myth and folklore to weave in, with and through the fabric of our lives, our communities and our own stories. There is always time and there's always a need for stories to be told.  I offer public and private tellings, create a seasonal newsletter and a 6 months online course called Weaving Worlds Story Circle.

Why Your Support is Needed
As an artist/creator I am unable to make a living doing this work as a full time profession.  While the storytelling performances, workshops and courses I offer throughout the year feed me on so many levels at this point aren't consistent enough to pay the bills, so I have other jobs which take away from me growing my work and what I truly believe is my calling in this life.  I'd like to expand the courses I offer online, deepen my field of study and grow the performance aspect to include working with women (and those identifying as women) based audiences. 

I long to work with women using storytelling - myth, folklore and personal narrative as a means to become aware of the larger containers, bigger pictures, wider vistas stories offer helping us inhabit our lives more beautifully, live our truths more powerfully and connected so much more consciously to this Earth home.  This is part of becoming more mythically awake and living a more mythically aware life.

What Your Patreon Support Will Help With
1/ Giving me a bit of time to listen in and update the big picture/business plan
2/ Develop 3 new online courses & a monthly podcast
3/ Market to a wide audience of women
4/ Administrate more online presence 
5/ Professional development to grow my voice as a storytelling at this time in my life.

In Gratitude & my Pledge to you
Thank you  very much for considering to help support my work/art in the world at this time!  My pledge to you is that all of the funding support received through Patreon will go towards growing my work/art as a storyteller and making my work through courses, writings, newsletters, podcasts and storytellling performances more accessible to a wider community of people.  Your support will directly help foster a deeper relationship for many more of us to know and live the power of story/storytelling, cultivating a family of  human begins who are more mythically aware living full, powerful and Earth conscious lives!

Giving Back Gifts
If you give $5/month you get 25% off all future courses.
$10/month for a year, a free 1:1 storytelling mentoring , re-story your birth or good medicine session.
$20+/month for a year a virtual or live (w/in specific geographic regions) storytelling house concert for you and your beloveds.

If donating on a monthly basis isn't your preferred way to give, you can make one time donations via paypal with my email - [email protected]
Many thanks and every blessing!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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