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A small hug - it feels wonderful when someone cares about me and :)
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A big hug! Wow you mean it serious, i am so thankful!

Don't hesitate asking for an early cloud account!

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A huge hug - i mean, *wow*, this project must be very importent for you!




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About Milan

Hi, I am Milan!
I run and

tchncs is where cool opensource stuff like a Mastodon instance or a [matrix] homeserver is hosted - all for public usage, without any advertisements, 3rd party tracking or similar.

Illuna is a Minetestserver project coming along with very unique and well modded Minetest worlds.

Your donation makes it possible to pay the bills for this,
i actually wouldn't be able to do this without donors like you and would have to shut the servers down without this incredible support as this project already grew like crazy. :)

However, thank you for standing with me.

Btw, Liberapay isn't working since a longer while now... just fyi.
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