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About TD Indie

Hey there!

About Me:
I'm a part-time, indie game designer. I've been developing mobile games as a hobby since 2014 (You can see them here: Android - iOS), and I've recently made the switch to developing PC games. The first of which, SPAGHET, will be available on Steam on April 4th, 2018.

So, why'd you make a Patreon page, TD Indie? And how does it work?
My goal is to be able to develop games in a full-time capacity, and with your support, that dream may become a reality. 

Patreon is a monthly subscription for anyone who'd like to support my current and future projects. If you're interested in supporting, but would rather make it a one-time donation, then I recommend making a donation through PayPal, instead.

Sure, sure. But what's in it for the Patrons?
I'm glad you asked! As a Patron, in addition to being awesome, you'll have access (by pledge level) to the Patron-only feed, bi-weekly development updates, early access to current projects, access to closed beta tests, and a free copy of current projects at release. Additional pledge levels may be added based on project progress and your feedback.

Okay. What do you get?
With your support, you'll be giving me the opportunity to get better at game design; allowing me to move on to bigger and better projects that I wouldn't be able to tackle otherwise. 

I appreciate all of your support!
Thanks for dropping by!
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