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A huge thanks to you! You've helped go a step further on my journey, and I greatly appreciate it.

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See my colored sketches in advance. I take a bit before I reveal a colored sketch. This allows me to work on any errors I hadn't originally caught in post. Now you can catch my work before everyone else.

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As you can tell, I tend to produce a bunch of sketches, and only color a select few. Now you can help decide on which ones I color next.




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About TDnA

The internet's a huge place, but it's always lacking. I started doing erotic art, because I felt there wasn't enough variety between artists. A lot of times, you just see girls with the same exact bodies, and ages. Practically the only difference between them at times are their hair. We need more than that! So I took what I liked from some of my favorite artists and mixed it up with my own personal stylings.

So if anyone feels the same way, and likes my work, please be sure to show your support. With your help, I can continue to improve on my work, acquire better equipment in order to improve quality, livestream, create animations, and so much more! 
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I have really slow internet, where at times it'll take me a while just to upload one picture. With a steady income, i'll be able to get my own service, so that I may start livestreaming as I work. Get a good look at how I work and let's chat in the meantime.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 172 exclusive posts

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