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About T-Bone

Let's Make Some Games!

Hello Patrons! I am a Canadian based multimedia artist that loves immersive gaming and especially making them! I largely spend my time supporting the indie game dev scene with creating 3D assets and LUA programming support. On my spare time I'm always working on a game project or creating game assets to help other people make games too.

For a very long time I feel I've invested more time helping others create games, that I was falling behind in my own aspirations. So now I'm looking for support and motivation to help me out with creating some awesome titles.

Current Video Game Projects on The Go:

Nuclear Winter

"Nuclear Winter" A post-apocalyptic winter survival game where you are faced against tremendous dangers in a hostel winter wonderland.

A Night At The Office

"A Night At The Office" is a unique first person game that takes place in an office building and you, the player, are a hired cleaner to take care of the place. Its essentially a cleaning simulator. However you are exposed to many of the secrets that goes on in this office. Eaves dropping on answering machines, emails, notes and more. Learning more about the personal and working lives of the employees of the office space.

The Grove

"The Grove" is a first person horror game that explores the mythology of a resurrected deity in America. The player is an urban explorer journalist exploring with friend whom both end up getting lost deep in a grove. The objective of the game is to uncover the secrets of the grove and escape what has been stalking you.

World of Folklore

"World of Folklore" is a 2D open world RPG with a turn based battle system. All creatures within the game are cute representations of legendary folklore from all around the world; based on the regions you explore.  World of Folklore has troths of Legend of Zelda: Link to The Past and other classic JRPG games of the 1990's.

So... Why Patreon?

I've decided to put this Patreon up as a motivator to complete my projects and to better assist others trying to achieve the same. I've for many years, even decades, had many prototype game projects on the go but never really was able to realize any of them to any finalized state. I hope to be able to actually complete something this time around and I am looking for your feedback and support. So come join me and let's make some games!

In become a Patron you will be supporting any of the current projects I may be working on. This includes the creation of video games, game assets and other creative endeavors of which progress will be shared here on Patreon.
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With a minimum of 20 dollars a month, I can feel confident enough to keep Patreon as a primary donation support service. This would give me some faith needed to commit to the completion of each project.
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