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Some of our best ideas come from scribbling quick notes on a whiteboard surface. 

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About Teaching Python

The Teaching Python podcast is dedicated to teachers of computer science in general or Python specifically, regardless of the age or education level of the student.

The podcast started from a newly developed work relationship where we (Sean, a new teacher, and Kelly, a new coder) found ourselves having great conversations about how to teach our new Python-based curriculum to middle school students. Teaching computer science can be a lonely place in the school system. There are usually very few computer science teachers and rarely do you have many Pythonistas in one school. So the podcast was developed to help teachers develop their teaching skills and Python knowledge in one place.

The podcast has grown into something more than we ever thought it could be. It has helped us to analyze best teaching strategies, meet some super smart python coders in the field, and to answer and develop more ideas while learning how to code and teach.

Teaching is a busy career and every minute of the day is often used helping students solve problems, teach classes or assist teachers in the classroom. Both Sean and Kelly often work early mornings or late nights to get our podcasts out in a timely fashion.

We set up this Patreon to help offset website fees and to hire a professional audio editor to ensure that our episodes sound great and get posted quickly.
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When we reach 100 per month, we're going to add monthly via Zoom meeting with Patreon supporters. Ask questions, get ideas, brainstorm lessons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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