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About Team 3DMJ

3D Muscle Journey has a deep-rooted mission to support the drug-free bodybuilding and powerlifting communities. To do this, we create meaningful discussions and provide in-depth education to our supporters via podcast episodes, blog articles, eBooks, video courses, and various social media channels.

The countless hours of creative, technical, and administrative work required to serve our mission is steep. Because 95% of what we publish is completely free to the public, the team would be incredibly appreciative of any assistance you'd be willing to provide towards our efforts. 

Thank you for your interest in supporting 3D Muscle Journey. We hope you enjoy our work.


3D Muscle Journey began in 2009 as the humble blog of California-based natural bodybuilder Jeff Alberts as he catalogued his return to the stage from semi-retirement with a renewed sense of purpose and vision. He realized that while dedication, desire, and discipline (the 3 Ds) were critical for success, without an appreciation for the journey, a competitor is doomed to experience frustration and burn out.

Backstage at multiple competitions in 2009, Jeff would meet two enthusiastic competitors, Alberto Nuńez and Eric Helms, early in their competitive careers and actual careers as personal trainers, but of a similar mindset regarding bodybuilding. However, Eric and Alberto also had the dream of sharing this perspective with the entire drug-free lifting community. They envisioned an online magazine where competitors were interviewed, celebrated, given exposure, and where scientific articles on nutrition, training, and sport psychology were written. Moreso, Jeff, Alberto, and Eric envisioned they could one day make their passion their income, by creating Team 3DMJ, an online coaching service for drug free physique and strength athletes.

So, they contacted their friend Brad Loomis, a pro natural bodybuilder known as a hard worker who always brought elite conditioning to the stage, living in the small but beautiful town of Portola California. A spiritual man with a family who owned and worked as a trainer in the sole gym in town, and also in medicine as an imaging technician, he was dedicated to helping others and had managed to make a living based on his passions. Together, the four founders of 3DMJ planted the seeds of what you see today.

However, these seeds would experience a megadose of “miracle grow” with the addition of Andrea Valdez to the team in 2015. A lifetime competitor, Andrea began early on as a gymnast and has since competed in figure and powerlifting as a 3DMJ athlete. With years of experience coaching gymnastics and personal training, a Masters degree in exercise physiology, and as a successful online fitness entrepreneur, Andrea was the solution to the rut that 3DMJ had fallen into.

With the success of our coaching services, the online magazine elements had fallen by the wayside. Our YouTube channel was barren, blogs were no longer being written, and our social media outreach was at an all time low. We’d succeeded as a coaching business, but we were spending so much time working in our business, that we were no longer working on our business. Unfortunately, the 3DMJ mission statement was no longer being served. 

Within months of bringing Andrea on the team, we returned to the heart of what was created backstage in 2009. Today, we have a regular podcast where we discuss the complexities of physique sport, a blog where the coaches, our support staff and our guest authors regularly contribute their insights, and rich social media engagement across multiple platforms. We are curtailing our coaching so we have more time and energy to serve the broader community, creating courses, eBooks, and posing guides, many of which are free, in service of our mission.

Thus, we humbly ask anyone who feels the desire to help us continue serving our community to contribute here on Patreon. Thank you!

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