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About Team Bisugo

Who are we?
We are Team Bisugo! We're a couple of freelance artists based in the Philippines who's aim is to share our stories to the world in the form of visual novels.

My name is Chaironiichan and I'm the head writer and director of Team Bisugo! I am also helped by my good friend JodTheCod who does most of our character artwork.
Check our latest project out!

Can love blossom in a city where intimacy means death?
Why support Team Bisugo?
Bisugo, or the Japanese Threadfin Bream, is found commonly in the Indo-Pacific waters, and is native to Philippine waters. Not only is it delicious fried or in sour soup, but the fish Bisugo represents just what type of team we want to become.

Like the fish, Team Bisugo wants to tell stories that are fresh. When something is a "fresh catch", we always refer to the best ones, and we're committed to telling the best stories we can.

But fresh also has another meaning - something that is new or different. We'd love to tell new and exciting stories unlike anything you've read before.

Supporting Team Bisugo not only allows us the creative freedom to do our work, but it also shows us that there's an interest out there for what we have to offer. Your support allows us to tell the best stories we can tell.
Where do my pledges go to?
Your pledges help us in sustaining our livelihoods as freelance artists. It goes directly into the making of visual novel scripts, the production of sprites and other art, and in outsourcing things we cannot currently do like composing, while making sure we keep the lights on :)

It also helps us gauge the interest of our projects, which helps us in decide on which directions to take the team.
What is the future of Team Bisugo?
Our current goal is to turn visual novel devving from something we do part time into something we can do as a full-time job. Team Bisugo is currently something we do out of passion, and while we're currently focusing on finishing our development cycle, we can't help but dream of the unlimited possibilities of tomorrow.

The path to that mountain is long and treacherous, but with your support, either monetary or even just plain encouragement, no goal is beyond reach.

So what are you waiting for? Become a Patron now!

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Less a financial goal and more of a personal victory for the team. Achieving this milestone's a sign that Team Bisugo can be more than just a hobby/pipe dream.
  • Full time for Team Bisugo, which means we're able to take on more projects at a time and more releases per year!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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