Team iNtuition

is creating a 3D, SoulsLike, ActionRPG video game.

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Level 1. Twilight Craft Practitioner

per month
A neophyte in The Craft, you are beginning to awaken to the elements.  

+Bestow Blessing: This tier represents a way to show your support. (Mages with this ability are able to give their blessing to the creator.)

Level 2. Apprentice Nature Guardian

per month
A skilled practitioner of The Craft, you are becoming more attuned to the spirits around you.

+Bend Elements: Guardians may now sense elements, and shape them to some degree. (Patron may vote in polls)

+Foresight: Guardians may glimpse the act of creation. (Patron gains access to WIP/Early Draft Media)

Level 3. Abyssal Witch-Hunter

per month
Adept in your knowledge of The Craft, Spirits of the Abyss unveil themselves to your will.
The words here appear singed beyond legibility, but a small sorcery is readable

+Arcane Sight: Occulus Arcanis. Hunters are granted sight beyond sight.
(Patrons gain access to an exclusive Arcane Vision released monthly or bi-monthly to all Hunters++. Ex: HD screenshot, video, short QA dev stream, etc.)

+Charmed Words: Hunters may charm their words with attractive power. (Patrons can make poll and Arcane Vision suggestions to creator).

About Team iNtuition

"Not just Video Games, we craft Experiences." ~ Team iNtuition

Team iNtuition is an indie Web & Game development studio...
"Hand-crafted" in New England by a solitary developer with vast ambitions.

By supporting this studio, you will help enrich the content of future "crafted gaming experiences".

So that we can bring you more of the gaming experiences you love.

Patreon is a community tool where members pledge support & encouragement to creators of original content by helping fund their work so they can afford to increase the quality of their creations.
It is a place where sneak peeks are offered -
Where community is built -
And where players can share their insights regarding what they hope to see in future video games.

In the end, we hope to craft: 
Next-Level gaming experiences which will one day shape the world.
If you're ready, Player One, won't you join us on that journey?

Disclaimer: We believe in anatomical correctness.
Thus some content may contain nudity.
You have been warned. 
0% complete
Building Community!

Upon meeting this goal, the main trailer will be updated. The early patrons who contribute to this goal will have early-access as well as the opportunity to offer feedback & suggestions on this trailer, before launch.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts

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