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About TeamKRAMA

We are currently developing games using the Unreal Engine 4.
Our goal is to capture the fun of already existing 3DCG games and adding adult content to them!
Currently, we're working on our second, newest project: "ASCOT -Demon's Waltz-"
This is an NSWF, open world, action RPG.

Unfortunately, we are a Japanese team and we will be lacking proper translation.
Please forgive us on that part.
You can find the Japanese counterpart to Patreon,  Enty, on this site
We are aware that our game is not only gaining attention from Japan, but also from overseas, so we are working on translating this game as much as we can in order to give you people a chance to buy and play it.
However, in order to achieve that goal, we will need enough funding to be able to afford the translation fees, so we need your help!
We'll appreciate any kind of support!


TeamKRAMA's policy and features

The Team's Concept

We base our game concepts on already existing 3DCG games and try to add adult-oriented content to them. We're challenging the normal game design process, by exploring normal games, with doujin games!

The team's characteristics

Our team consists of several members, and all of us are engaged full time on our new project.
A lot of our members are already experienced in AAA titles. They seek adventures they cannot pursue in the bigger companies.

Our team's promise

Almost all of the money we receive for you will be used to develop our games
It'll be used by purchasing assets, outsourcing, content, server expenses, etc. etc.
And if we get too much money, we will save and use it for our next project!
We strive to produce quality content which will equal the cost you'll put in and always make investments in our development to further increase our quality
Completing the game, while keeping the quality high, is our top priority.
Thus, we will not extend the game's development because we need financial assistance. We want this game to be done!
Additionally, we want to have as little "this content is only available for patrons (or a similar site) as we can. We want everyone to enjoy the game!
Yes, we do know that this may give you, our supporters, a negative image. But don't worry! We all want the same, for the game to be finished and be fun.
We hope you understand.

The team's activity on Patreon and similar sites

Our team started using Enty and Patreon as a funding site since February 2017 and we have been developing games with a lot of support since.
Details about the Patreon site are here 

The team's work transparency

Currently, we're aiming to post three articles about our work progress on ASCOT a month. Be aware that while we try to post our articles frequently, we can't always guarantee to keep up with that schedule. Sometimes work is just slower, harder, or just nothing fancy to look at. We hope you understand!

Progress report (An update of the beginning of each month)

Silver plan or higher
We will publish articles using texts and illustrations focusing on the specifications of the game.
Specification of demon transformation
Introduction of the hostess system
Recruitment questionnaire for the title proposal

Promotion movie (An update every mid-month)

Gold plan or higher
We will release a video that summarizes the work we have done and summarize it more fashionable, for promotion! :) 

Development video (An update every late-month)

Gold plan or higher
We will send you a picture of the story behind the development, snippets of animation, or similar.
These things will be made by members of our team, and the content can vary every month! 

Playable game

Platinum plan or higher
We will occasionally release a playable game! (Only a trial version, though)
The censored prototype will be free for everyone. Supporters will get the uncensored version.

About the plans

Silver plan (2$)

  • You can read up on the direction and illustrations of the game, updated once a month. 

Gold plan (10$)

  • In addition to the silver plan, you get access to the playable movie, released once a month. 
  • You can also watch our development video, released once a month. 
  • Additionally, you get access to adult content.

Platinum plan (15$)

  • In addition to the Gold plan, you can browse articles which were equivalent to ROD's 1500 yen plan. 
  • Your questions will have the top priority! 
  • You will also be able to play the adult version of the prototype.

Individual goals

We're going to implement certain goals that can only be achieved if the support we receive a month reaches a certain amount of money.
We're currently considering the following goals, which will be achieved by us receiving a specific amount of support each month:
  • Sending out a special message with our daily gratitude 
  • Adding your name to the credits 
  • Opening a wiki for the game! 
  • Presenting a digital brochure about the game! 
  • Name a town! 
  • Add an original emotional animation! 
  • Help us develop a quest! 
  • Be a legend in a certain town, with your own statue! 
  • Help us design a King, Chief or someone else worshipped in a region!
We have various ideas, but they're still just ideas. We will update you once we have more specific goals!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 92 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 92 exclusive posts

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