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is creating a paradigm shift from "I" to "We" in the Global Sales Community

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Dear patron, we, the "Teams Win Championships" team, 6 international authors from the US, Canada (2), Germany, Spain and Italy, highly appreciate you deciding to support our cause. All benefits of our project will be donated to the charities we will chose going forward. We decided to start with the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (CPFF) and will continue to add more charities the authors relate to over time.

What you can expect in return for supporting us and the cause:

  • Patron-only posts and messages where we will keep you updated about the progress of the project and our next steps
  • Early access to the book structure, draft chapters of each book of our series before publishing
  • A free digital copy of all books of the "Teams Win Championships " series
  • Exclusive access to full length interviews videos with the leaders we will be interviewing as part of the project, not previously released otherwise
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  • Patron-only posts and messages
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About Teams Win Championships

Who we are: The "Teams Win Championships" international team of authors

Mattia Bruzzi (IT) - LinkedIn profile
Pablo Escobar (ES) - LinkedIn profile
James Craig (CA) - LinkedIn profile
John di Marzio (CA) - LinkedIn profile
Eduardo Baez (US) - LinkedIn profile
Andy Jaffke (DE) - LinkedIn profile


Provide both an inspirational and practical framework towards cultivating consistently top performing sales teams.


Why: There is a clear need in the Global Sales Community to amplify the message of a “We” focused mindset to sales, where the lone wolf is no longer the paradigm and the responsibility of sales is proportionally shared by the sales leaders at all levels across the entire sales process.

Who for: We focus on customer facing and non-customer facing people involved in sales, both individual contributors and management.

What: With “Teams Win Championships”, we provide a practical and easy to apply framework to effectively engage the sales environment globally and the challenges teams face throughout the sales cycle.

We will explain, illustrate and provide the process on how to achieve consistent top sales performance as a fully integrated team, driven by and built on a strong culture of mutual trust and accountability.

How: We will create a series of books and additional supporting audio-visual content providing the distinct, diverse and valuable real-life perspectives of the 6 co-authors of the “Teams Win Championships” project team.

$13.43 of $113.44 per month
What: With the first 100,00€ per month, we will pay for the proofread of our first book and launch our book sales funnel and use the money to cover the monthly fee of the service.

What we will do: Share the pre-proof read draft with you, our patrons with a request for feedback!

Target date: November 31st, 2020

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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