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G-Gao! We're SKY HOUR WORKS, a group of friends who make games and other personal projects together! Currently, our core team consists of
  • Jeffrey (MeltingComet) - Lead Design/Code for RE: DECEIVED VOICE, Producer/Level Designer for UNBEATABLE
  • Moxie (Faanggzz) - Lead Artist/Character Designer for RE: DECEIVED VOICE, Co-Director for A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP
  • Tanner (Ruky- Original Music for RE: DECEIVED VOICE, A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP
  • Audrey (mintyproof)- Core Programming for RE: DECEIVED VOICE, Code for PACK-CAT
We aim to make a lot of unique, fun games with cool stories and/or cool types of media! With your help, we can host a community around all of this!

Right now, our current projects are...

RE: DECEIVED VOICE, a recently announced ARG-adventure game! With the help of a sentient A.I. program, explore a abandoned laboratory as a stranger burdened by endless questions and navigate through strange, out of the box problems in order to uncover the aftermath of the "Hayashi Labs Incident". Coming to PC in 2020! (hopefully)


Since the beginning of May, we've been focusing our efforts on our first commercial project, the visual novel A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP! Thanks to our patrons, the game is now available on Steam and!


We plan on regularly rotating between core projects and small side-projects! They're very different in terms of scope and concept - although keep in mind that at the moment, only core games in the Natura series our being directly supported by patrons! However, without our patrons, it's hard to say any of our projects would had been possible - 

What are these other "non-core" projects, you may ask? Well, keep an eye out for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

You can check out our other games on, including GARDEN FOR GATODECEIVED VOICE - WHISPER'S REDUX and PACK-CAT!


So, tell me more!
By joining us and pledging for us, you can help make the real-life side of our game projects easier.

Team Sky Hour's projects are all projects often made with little to no budget. While this will be a exception for RE: DECEIVED VOICE (which was acquired with the help of family friends), the budget we have will realistically not be enough to help cover the development of the game (A breakdown of RE: DECEIVED VOICE's funds will be provided when we actually receive them). The funds from this Patreon will specifically go towards everyone in the team to have the additional financial security (even if it's very minuscule) needed to work on these projects without worry.

The patreon pledges are split evenly between the Core group, consisting of Jeff, Moxie and Evan, but this will often change depending on the projects and people involved with our games. (For example, everyone working on A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP received an equal patreon split throughout the development of the game) We will let you know how that will work for each project we work on!


A ticket to the world of Natura! Currently, Natura denizens could potentially get..

  • EXCLUSIVE DISCORD CHANNELS AND MORE - Come hang with like-minded friends and with us, the Natura Reporters, in a styilized Discord Server with secret(s?). As long as you don't break any rules, you're allowed to stay! Gaoma will be waiting!
  • SEE IN-DEVELOPMENT PROGRESS ON OUR PROJECTS - Wanna see our process into the way we make projects? We aim to be incredibly transparent with you guys and explain how things are going, or interesting design decisions we've made! For Natura "Connoisseurs", you'll gain access to high-quality concept art + source files!
  • OH, YOU CAN TRY OUR STUFF TOO - Come play our stuff while its in the early stages (if you're a Natura Explorer or higher). This will vary from project to project but we will aim on giving you guys a slice of our projects and provide early feedback!
  • GET CREDITED! - Have your name in our projects, so as long as you're still pledging right before release! Explorers and Connoisseurs will have their own credits.
  • GET OUR GAMES AND PROJECTS, OBVIOUSLY - Yup! If you pledge to RE: DECEIVED VOICE at least 1-2 months prior to release (not final) you will receive the game from us! A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP - FULL ITINERARY EDITION was distributed to the 3 patron supports of our game from June-October!

Thank you for your time! We hope to see you there...wait gaoma where are you going
Have any questions? Here's our FAQ: (link)

55% complete
Monthly SKY HOUR Livestreams! We'll put the team on for a night of game dev work and answer questions, chill with the Natura community, and more! We'll be able to also highlight on more projects beyond what's currently announced, just for these streams ;)
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