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No one can smell your farts but only if you want them too.
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I will put your name in the description of my videos and wherever bio !!! Thank yous and everything
We have real life MAKE OUTS
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Get a patron-only perspective on my work.
  • Behind-the-scenes art and videos ( I'll post a screenshot of what I'm currently working on video wise to be posted. I will also post IRL photos of script planning, idea lists and my notes on my programs! Maybe they will help you or if you'd love to get an insight in my brain?)

  • Plus all previous rewards. (Your name in the Credits)

God comes down and we have a knife fight.
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About Teazomboii

If I can get some money to support even a little bit I would immensely thank you on my channels/ art posts/ and tons of love.
I LOVE making videos and I want to be a VFX artist when I go to school(s) and teach myself. I believe it's ok to try new things so if anything is posted that is unique and not just doodles I hope you'd still support me!

I wouldn't call myself a youtuber, but a hobbyist that has a lot of tools at the hand.
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Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for sharing anything and taking the time to donate. Your name would be in the description of my youtube videos always and this will help pay small personal stuff. 
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