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Welcome to my Patreon page (Tech Game N' More on YouTube). Here you can help support me in many various ways. I am working towards a career in audio/video production. I have only just begun on this path and am working to teach myself at this point. I have used what skills I have so far to run a few small scale productions of things like band concerts and awards ceremonies. I have been working to create my own content and build my abilities as a video shooter and editor. I hope to continue my education in this area and work on my live events and productions to build my experience in audio and video production. Below is a list of what money will go towards. 100% of everything I make here will be used to help begin my career and keep moving forwards.

What will your money be used for?
  • Education
    • School and classes to continue my education in audio/video production and design
    • Online courses on audio and video editing
  • Gear
    • Camera equipment
      • Camera(s)
      • Lenses
      • Batteries
      • Filters
    • Audio equipment
      • Portable multi-track recorder
      • Condenser mics
      • Lapel mics
  • Other equipment
    • Software (for editing)
    • Lights
    • Tripod(s)
    • Remote pan-bar handels for cameras
  • A crew, for certain events
  • As always, some miscellaneous things that always come up

Why do I need your help?

I would like to continue my education and build on my abilities and gain experience in audio and video production. My ability to all of this is somewhat limited at this time and being able to afford everything is a large factor in my ability to continue in this path. I don't own any of the proper equipment to be able to shoot and edit audio or video content. I've been doing my best to borrow cameras and other audio gear and get them working as best I can. I have many points of failure in set-ups with so many things not being compatible with each other. In order to be able to continue my education and grow my experience, I need to be able to have my own gear and equipment to use.

Thank you so much for your support. Your contributions will go a long way in making my goal a reality. Thank you.

--Marcus Bennett
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Reaching this goal will allow me to keep my editing software and begin to save for future purchases.
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