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--- DETAILS ---

Tech Legends has been a tech publication for quite a while now (it's been almost 5 years).

And, now I took a big step.

I finally decided to take down the advertisements provided by Google (which was a part of Google AdSense program) to give the readers a better browsing experience. It's also a good thing if you are worried about your privacy, no ads to track you!

From now on, I will depend on sponsored deals with brands/services for revenue (which may not be a lot) and those promotions will be completely transparent (not hidden from the readers).

The blog will not be shutting down. I will be actively working to help people to know better about tech via my expertise/insights.


Well, let's face it - you don't like ads and almost every user utilizes an Adblocker nowadays. So, it's best to get rid of it.


With my decision, a lot of potential Ad Revenue is gone.

So, the whole point of the Patreon page is to collect funds to support the website (hosting charges, to say the least) in any way possible. We utilize Cloudways as our hosting provider - you can verify the pricing, if you want.

Even a $1/month can help.

---- CAN  WE TRUST YOU? ---

Yes. You can trust me that your contribution gets utilized for the blog in one way or another. If you're not sure about my credibility, you can always look me up on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube (I also make music covers!) with my name as 'Ankush Das'.

I also create content for other publications like,, So, I'm here to stay :)

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