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This tier is for those who just enjoy my work and want to support with $1 a month.  This honestly really does help me.  Mainly because it allows me to get treats and toys for Okami so he doesn't sit on my laptop while im editing.
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This Tier is a step up and is here for those who enjoy my vids and want to want to support for $5 a month!! ALSO in this tier, I will send you STICKERS!!! A "Tech Ninja Productions" sticker as well as a few others (mostly car or japanese stickers!)




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About Tech Ninja Productions

Join me as we travel around Japan exploring, creating, & learning new things every week.  My goal is create fun cinematic travel videos that inspire & educate others about the Japanese culture.

I'm a professional photographer and videographer living in Japan, and I love to make movies that help you experience Japan with me.  Your donations help pay for travel fees and camera gear that will bring me to the far corners of Japan and create epic footage for you to enjoy.  So thank you so much for your donations and I hope you enjoy what I'll create for you ^_^
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THE GOAL: Bring my dog on a travel vlog. ^_^

As many of you know, I have this dog that serves as my assistant camera man whenever I shoot locally, but lately I am being invited to shoots that are further away from home and I have to leave him behind.   

However, with your support, I can pay for Okami's train or plane ticket, strap the go pro onto him, and you can enjoy his puppy view as he runs around being petted by pretty models, illegal drifters, and many more. Thanks always for your support!  
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