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About TechnologicalByte

Hey there!
I'm TechnologicalByte, I love to experiment with things when it comes to technology. I always have a passion with technology. When it comes to experimenting with them, I find interesting things to learn about.

What do you do?
My videos on my YouTube channels consists of many experiments with many operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and eventually Linux. I make videos demonstrating on many things that many users find curious.

Examples are:

What would happen if I deleted a critical system file?
What would happen if I rebooted my computer while it's updating?
What would happen if I unplug a hard drive while it's writing/reading data?
...and many more

I make videos on many questions that others came up with, or just curious on what would happen when I push the operating system to its limits where it just completely stops working, or something like that. I find it interesting to see many operating systems would behave on many different types of behaviors that I try my best to explain what would happen if I were to do said scenario.

What made you fascinated about technology?
I started using computers back in 2005 where Windows XP was popular. I was curious on what my computer would do when it comes to many tasks. Many of which I had no idea or any set of answers on what said scenarios would do since my family and I didn't have internet back then.

I always rush to my computer to start exploring many aspects of what my computer is capable of doing, from reading user manuals, to explore many parts of the operating system itself and to familiarize myself about computers.

My family didn't have any experiences with technology, nor the knowledge of it. When I find something interesting to talk about, I always share it with my family members that didn't have any skill when it comes to using a computer. When my family member needs help on how to print a document or to typing an email, I was there to help my family member and to teach them the basics of the computer.

What made you join YouTube?
When I was a kid, I never knew what YouTube was until my family purchased internet back in 2009. Many videos I watch contained many nostalgic music and the infamous notepad video style, (still gives me nostalgia feelings whenever I watch them today). I haven't planned on making my YouTube channel to upload videos until I watched many technological videos which got me inspired. I created my first YouTube channel back in 2010. When I first created my channel, it wasn't about tech videos, it was more on the gaming side in which I'll upload gaming videos for my friends to see and share. However, during 2013 my first channel was hacked and was deleted, it had around 23 subscribers...

What videos have you made after you were hacked?
However that didn't stop me from making a new account and making sure my account is secure. 3 videos I posted was gaming related until I released a video of me upgrading my Virtual Machine running Windows 98 on YouTube.

(You can watch it here:

After that video went live, I began growing subscribers, I typically get around 2 subs per week, or if I'm lucky 4. I begin to think about making more videos like this in the technological format.

I was thinking of making more tech videos with many extreme measures in mind. One of them is what would Windows react if I deliberately overload them with many programs. At first, I thought it was a stupid idea, but I ended up making it and uploading it YouTube (

After a month, the overloading Windows reached 100 views which I began seeing more subscribers, such as 5 - 10 every 2 weeks or more if I was lucky. I began thinking that if I were to continue making videos in this technological format, I'm sure that I'll get more views and subscribers. (back when my channel wasn't part of the YouTube Partner Program and never monetized my videos), and the rest is history....

Why are you on Patreon?
For many people who want something in return, or wanted something better, I made my Patreon page to show support for my channel and how I can benefit to grow my channel even further. With your support, I can boost my excitement to start making new videos with many new technological questions when it comes to mind. By becoming my supporter, you'll have access to many things and to receive in return that isn't available on YouTube or my Twitter account.

By becoming my Patron, you have access to:
* Behind the scenes videos
* Updates of my next video and short teaser
* Being able to watch the video before the general public and subscribers
* Having your name at the end of every video
* Private Discord talk, whether if it's chat or voice
* and more!

I will always continue to make videos that are very interesting for many people, especially if you are very curious about technology like me, and I want to thank you if you are planning to become my Patron today!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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