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Exclusive access to our Patreon Newsfeed + early access to secret items in the TED-Ed Shop. What's in the newsfeed? Fun updates, behind-the-scenes footage, stories about our process and more. What'...

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Everything above, plus each month we’ll send you a set of customized downloadable wallpapers and phone backgrounds featuring beautiful artwork and characters from your favorite TED-Ed Animations. 

Coloring Competition!

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Everything above, plus each month we’ll send you digital (and printable) TED-Ed coloring book pages. Send us a copy/picture of your best work and we’ll hang it around our office and/or feature it o...

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Everything above, plus exclusive access to weekly sneak peeks from upcoming lessons. Expect pics, clips, and otherwise un-published imagery from lessons no one has seen yet.


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Everything above, plus we'll permanently feature your name in the YouTube description of at least one of our videos each month. For as long as you're a Patron at this level, we'll also feature your...

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Everything above, plus you’ll have all the warm fuzzies knowing that a year of supporting us at this level will make it possible for a TED-Ed Club Member to attend a live TED-Ed event in NYC on a s...

Become a TED-Ed Character

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Everything above, plus your likeness, or the likeness of a person of your choosing (i.e. your child or friend), will be designed, animated and featured within a TED-Ed video and shared with million...