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Link to my blog with the essays: www.tedinski.com

Every Tuesday, I'll bring you a new essay on software design, as part of a project to write a book in what I think is an under-served niche. See my website for a more detailed description of the book. But long story short, I think existing books that talk about design are too language-specific, too introductory, or more about management / process than "just programming" and I want to fix that.

Backers will:
  • Support this book writing effort, which may take an awful long time without your support!
  • Get access to the "comment section" here on Patreon: my own comments and community discussion for each blog post, or on topics brought up by patrons.
  • Get access to especially interesting links I find the community may be interested in.

Long time supporters will get bonuses:
  • At $25 total contribution, you get a copy of the ebook, when it is complete. (This is about 6 months of support at the $4 tier.)
  • At $50, you'll get acknowledged in the book as someone without whom this project would not have happened. (This is about 1 year at $4.)
  • At $100, you'll get a more prominent special thanks in the book acknowledgements. (Project won't last long enough for anyone at $4 tier to make it here!)

If this book sounds interesting to you, please back me! Even just $1/mo helps support the project. If you want the book, but don't want to spend the money until there's a finished project, remember to subscribe to the blog RSS or follow me on Twitter. And consider telling your friends!

How will this project work?

Every Tuesday, you get a new 1000-2500 word essay. This will go on for about one year (perhaps to 60 or so essays). This is partly a brain-storming project, to get these ideas out of my head and into prose.

At that point, I'll take these essays, and organize them into an actual outline for a book, perhaps discarding some in the process. I expect this organization will also highlight some additional essays I should write. The Patreon will continue until these additional essays are finished.

At that point (approximately mid-2019), I will pause the Patreon, and write the book. It will be written as a whole work, and not merely a collection of essays, so it may take some time. But hopefully not too long.

Thank you all for your support!

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