Ted Rall is creating Political Cartoons, Graphic Novels and Columns That Kick Ass

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Pledge $5/month, and you'll receive everything I draw and write, including political cartoons and freelance illustrations, opinion writing, interviews, and long-form essays.

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Every month, I'll conduct a Patreon-live chat with all  $20+ patrons, in addition to the previous rewards.

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I will send you one piece of original cartoon line art every 12 months (I'll cover shipping costs within the USA), plus all previous rewards. Which, of course, I will sign to you.

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Send me anything (you'll cover shipping costs) and I'll sign it, plus all previous rewards.

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Every month, you and I will hang out on a one-on-one video chat, plus all previous rewards. AND I'll draw a cartoon about a topic of your choosing once a year.