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Who are we?

  • Mr. Teebee - Husband
  • Mrs. Teebee (Monica) - Wife
  • Erica - Daughter
  • Tammy - Red Tick Coonhound
  • Sadie - Pomeranian
We love to vlog about our everyday lives, visits restaurants to review for everyone, try new products to review for everyone and we also love to do the popular series of Teebees 2 Cents where we give our 2 cents about a subject then you also can give your 2 cents about it too. The Teebees 2 Cents series mostly comes from fans who submit subject for us to give our 2 cents on in the videos. That is what we love to do in videos and podcasts but we also want to tell you some other causes we are passionate about.
  • Pet Adoption
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Marfan Syndrome Awareness
  • Shopping Small
  • Showing The Greatest Gift Is Love
Lastly we love to show that regardless of your circumstances that anything is possible and we will always love you here because love is the greatest gift. We hope you will consider becoming one of our Patrons for at least 1 dollar a month to help spread all of this to others and to continue to keep doing it.

What is Patreon?

If you're not familiar with Patreon it is a platform where you the "Patron" can support creators like us and receive rewards (see reward tiers) yourself for doing it. This can be done by contributing as little as a dollar per month to help me reach my goals so I am able to provide better consistent content for you in all the content I provide. Plus it helps me to keep improving what I do as time goes by. You also can make a one time donation by just becoming a Patron choosing the tier amount you would like to give the one time donation for then cancel being a Patron once payment has went through which is usually the first of the month.

Do not worry about missing out on my regular content if you decide not to contribute as a "Patron" because my regular content will still be free. This platform just helps me provide more of the content I do in a much better way.

Please consider supporting my work with a dollar (or however much you can) per month. I truly hope to see you as my new "Patron" in my next video. Thank you for your support! Love ya and have a very blessed day!

How does this all work?

  • Choose Which Team Teebee Reward Tier You Want
  • Sign Up And Contribute That Monthly Amount As Our Patron
  • Then Once Payment is Made You Reap The Rewards
  • Cancel At Anytime

Don't worry if you do not contribute I will still provide the free content I already have been doing. I just publish additional Vlogs and content for people who contribute here.

Where does my money go?

Let's face it this is probably one of the most important questions right? Where does my money go? What do I get for my investment of supporting you?

Your support will go towards:
  • Giving us time to do things like editing, recording and all the other time consuming things it takes to do content.
  • Giving us time and funds to try more restaurants and products to do reviews on.
  • Giving us the chance to come out with all of our content on a much better and consistent basis.
  • Helping us get any new equipment that may be needed to provide our content and also fix any broken equipment.
  • Most importantly though you will be helping us spread all of the causes we mentioned above in the "Who are we" section and that regardless of anyone's circumstance that anything is possible!
What you get for supporting us:
  • You get the satisfaction of being a part of what we do.
  • You get all kinds of rewards as well. Just check out the reward tiers on this page. They are awesome!

I want to contribute money but I can't.

This is no problem at all. If contributing to something like this is not in your budget or you are low on money then please do not do it. You can always just follow us cause it is FREE so you can at least keep up to date here on what we are doing. Then if ever you feel you are able to support us with some funds then you can do so. Trust me when I say I know what that feels like and I totally understand. What you could do though to contribute in other ways is to spread the word about my Patreon page by sharing it on all of your social media and ask people to subscribe to my YouTube channel. This would help tremendously too!

Remember the greatest gift is love and we will always love you here! Have an amazing blessed day!
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