Tegerio is creating comics and music

Saga Subscription

$2 /mo
  • At least TWO new Zandars' Saga pages every month.
  • Occasional other things so this tier won't be so empty.

Music and Sounds

$3 /mo
  • NEW minty fresh never-before-heard audio posted at least once a month.
  • Old audio posted whenever I feel like it's been too long since the last audio post.
  • Most o...

Treasure Chest

$5 /mo
  • Random assortment!
  • Whatever I feel like drawing!
  • Mostly sexy and/or silly!
  • Includes all lower tiers!

Rollie's Rangers Doodle Club

$10 /mo
  • Once per month, I draw something quick & simple according to your request!
  • See other Rangers' doodle requests and kibbitz about them!
  • Full access to all lower tiers!
  • Fun!

But Wait, There's More!

$22 /mo
  • With the Dec. 2017 fees this tier would have cost $22.99!
  • The perfect price!
  • Photos both artsy AND fartsy!
  • Behind-the-scenes music production videos!
  • Ch...


$40 /mo
  • Once a month, special art just for you!
  • Behind the scenes progress updates!
  • High quality scans delivered digitally!
  • Paper originals mailed to you!
  • A mon...