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This is the entry level  tier of support for TehCaliPwnt Games.

While I thank you very much for your support, this tier has no benefits besides giving you the feeling of knowing your help someone do what they love to do.

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The second tier of support for TehCaliPwnt Games.

This tier shows that you are really willing to support me in achieving my goals.  This is also the first tier you will get some goodies!

Silver Tier Benefits:

  • Access to Fan Discord
  • Silver Tier Role on Fan Discord
  • A personal written email from me with a thank (1 time only)
  • *More Benefits May Be in the Works*

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The third tier of support for TehCaliPwnt Games.

This tier shows that you really support me and my goals.

Gold Tier Benefits:

  • Previous Tier Benefits.
  • Gold Tier Rank on Fan Discord.
  • Access to the "Early Access Channel".
  • Your  name will appear in credits (what name is chosen is up to you).
  • *More Benefits May Be in the Works*




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About TehCaliPwnt Games

I love to play video games, and that's what I'm here for! I want to make videos and do streams of the thing I love to do! I want to deliver quality content as often as I can. With working a full time job, and a family of three kids and a girlfriend, I work with limited time! I hope to use Patreon to help supplement some income as time goes on! With your support that can happen.

As more income comes in with Patreon I can afford to spend more time making videos and streams and building a community! So if you'd like to see more of me, help a guy and out toss me even a few dollars a month, it all helps!

Follow my Twitter for all the updates on my streams and videos, and tune it my Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram for video game related content!
$0 of $900 per month
With this goal each month I am able to cut down to part time (3 days a week) at my job to devote more time to video creation & streaming.
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