tehneyrzomb is creating LIVE GAMING CONTENT ON TWITCH.TV

$1 /mo
A personal thank you on stream!

$5 /mo
All of the above!
  • You will receive a newsletter once a month that will be identical to the one subs receive.
  • You also get to post links without being timed out - must include you...

$10 /mo
All of the above!
  • You can name a Pokemon for our Patreon Dex (within reason/excluding legendaries)!
  • You get to pick what song I play on piano stream (when funded).

$25 /mo
All of the above!
  • You will have your own chat command only you can use. (not spammable and within reason.)
  • You will can have a custom greeting from the bot when you first speak in th...

$35 /mo
All of the above!
  • Short theme tune (up to 7 seconds) will be played when you speak in the stream for the day (within reason and Twitch ToS).
  • Name a Shiny Pokemon (within reason/excluding legendaries)!

$50 /mo
All of the above (except $35 tier; see below)!
  • You get to have a longer (up to 45 seconds) "theme song" play when you first speak in the channel (within reason and Twitch ToS).
  • Pick ...

$100 /mo
All of the above (except $35)!
  • Have a game you'd like to see me play? You get to choose a game I play for one day. If I enjoy it, we'll continue it!