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About JM

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page.

My name is JM, and I am a professional illustrator from China. Although I have established a certain reputation in China and Japan through my presence on Pixiv, I also wish to share my work as well as interact with my English-speaking audience, which is why I created this Patreon page.

As an artist, I am driven by the desire to visually express my darkest thoughts and fantasies through high-quality illustrations. To that end, I conceived of a fictional universe where men reign supreme: the world of The Empire. Join me as we embark on a journey to discover a world where society is predicated on the absolute rule of men over women

Over the course of this ongoing series, you will learn about the origins of the Empire, as well as various aspects encompassing the daily lives of its citizens, societal structure, religion etc. Your support enables me to plan, produce, and publish my work independently, granting me the freedom to create an immersive world which exceeds your wildest fantasies.

In addition to my original series, I enjoy recreating female characters from stuff I like, whether it be anime, or video games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.


COMMISSION WORK | Royalty / 国王:插画订做



New to my work? Get started with the essentials.

Dive into the world of the Empire in this three-chapter classic highlighting the professional lives of its female denizens. Policewomen, nurses, office ladies…this book has them all.

A compilation of classic works from Pixiv and Patreon. Includes Stray Cat, Fel Lust Hound, Pocket Girlfriend, and more.


Please note that in keeping with Patreon's Community Guidelines, I do not post art displaying sexual violence on this page.



Out of gratitude to my long-time Chinese supporters, every future release will be exclusively available in China for the first 3 months upon release. After an additional 3 months, a translated version of my old work will be available for purchase, and after another 3 months (6 months in total), a translated version of my new work will be released.

Every time a new work is released, all previous works in the same language will be on sale at a 50% discount for one week (this discount will generally apply to all publications at least 6 months after their release).

THE EMPIRE SERIES (by order of release)

  • Uniform Temptations | CN/JP/EN
  • Imperial Female Prison Academy | CN/JP/EN
  • Pocket Corporation | CN/JP/EN
  • Love & Family | CN
  • Women of God | CN



The quest for the bizarre is but to entertain

Let us treasure life

And treat women with love and respect

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I made the decision to quit my former company job in order to entirely focus on my creative endeavor. With your support, I will raise sufficient funds to cover all expenses related to my work (living expenses, operational costs, translator salaries) while raising the quality as well as quantity of my artistic output to a level which would have been unattainable in the past. With my fans' backing, I will never stop making my vision a reality, and my Empire shall endure.
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