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About Joseph Mwamba


Joseph Mwamba here: I'm the Founder and Executive Producer of TELEMAZING, the YouTube channel for TV fans. Thank you for checking us out!

Here at Telemazing, we LOVE TV and wanted to create a community where fans can come together with us and give us their thoughts on the TV landscape, whether it's about TV shows, reviews, recommendations, news & headlines,or the general TV climate. We're near 200 videos on YouTube, with new videos every Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also upload our weekly Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and anywhere you get your podcasts every Monday.

We're now entering our 3rd season of Telemazing on YouTube, yet we have so many new ideas! But we just don't have the resources do it it all! 
By becoming a Patreon, you become more informed about which shows you're spending time watching; you help create a more engaged community; and you help us produce better informative content. And trust us, with all your help, we'll make sure we give you THE BEST awards a TV fan can give another TV fan.

So if you've read all of this, then you're insanely amazing and exactly the type of person we want in our community. So please consider becoming our newest Patreon by donating any amount today. We really want to start creating this extra-exciting content! Like yesterday. So support us so we can create extra-exciting content yesterday.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thing, and we hope to see you around the community.

Sincerely Thankful,
Joseph Mwamba
Founder, Telemazing
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I'll be able to actually hire a very, very small amount of people to help me on certain things (business items, social items, production items). This way, I can focus on the content, and less on the other distractions. At this realm, I can actually begin to make TELEMAZING like an official business, and having the ability to increase the job market for college kids or graduates: it'd be surreal.I'd really, really like that.
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