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About Templeton Rose

Hi, I’m Templeton. I joined Patreon to finance my erotica publishing empire.

If you like erotica series featuring quality erotica featuring mind control and taboo themes plus characters you'll care about, please support my work.  Check out my stories here and here.

Ongoing Projects

"The Silken" is a series containing mind control, secret societies, serial recruitment, pantyhose fetishism, and taboo themes.  The titular group secretly enslaves various townsfolk, who go on to enslave others.  Yet the slavery is kind of a nice thing.  The characters’ lives are better after joining the Silken… not to mention more pleasurable.

Silken stories are organized in chapters/serials, each an interesting experience in itself, but building to an ultimate conclusion.

Science Fiction: In addition to pantyhose fetish erotica, I also write mind control science fiction.  For 2020, I am looking to write more sci-fi erotica.

Current series (updated 12/14/19):

  • "The Silken: Family Counseling"  three parts published thus far, with more coming.
  • "The Silken"  the original, three-part introductory series to the The Silken story universe.
  • "The Secret of Brookrose College" — a three-chapter series featuring a plot voted on by patrons.  This is a Christmas-themed, non-Silken, non-pantyhose, science fiction story, featuring mind control, aliens, taboo themes, tentacles, secret passages, and, uh, futa clone nuns.
  • "The Brides of Tsath" — a 37,000-word novella featuring pantyhose, mind control, secret cults, taboo themes, tentacles, all in a Lovecraftian package.

Upcoming projects:

  • "The Silken: A Run in Her Hose" — a two-chapter Silken sequel series.
  • "The Family Stockings Saga" — a loooong series about secret desires, seduction, taboo themes, and pure pantyhose kink.  It's a spin-off from my well-reviewed "A Family's Christmas Stockings", and includes many of that story's themes turned up to 11, with cameos by the characters from the earlier story.

Thank you for supporting my work.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
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