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About Temporary Services

When I launched Temporarily Exposed in 2017 I never expected it to be as popular with the community as it was. I shut down the website almost one year ago and to this day I am still receiving messages of people asking for the website to come back or whether a good alternative has stood up yet.

I think it is high time we make that good alternative happen! Temporarily Exposed was a fun website, but this time we'll create a community. A place where those who want to be seen can be seen, discuss their fantasies and explore their kinks. To get this done, Temporarily Exposed will be rebuilt from the ground up to support this vision.

New Features

  • Verified Accounts
    To support a community embracing safe, sane and consensual kinks additional verification will be built into accounts. By verifying your information you can share it with your post with only a single click. And everyone will know that it is your information
  • Real-Time Chat and Gallery
    Aren't you curious about what the internet thinks of you? Every post you make now supports real-time chat between you and everyone viewing your post. No more refreshing to see new comments!
  • Public Profiles
    Temporary posts are fun, but profiles give you the opportunity to share more about yourself. Tell people what kinks you have, whether you're looking for a dom or how they can contact you to play. As we expand our games and challenges section statistics of your luck will appear here and people can contact you directly
  • Games and Challenges
    Not sure about making a post? Or want to bet your exposure against that of another? A brand new games and challenges section will give you that opportunity. Set a countdown, let us pick a random picture from a folder or challenge another player for a round of exposure rock-paper-scissors! Anything is possible and suggestions are always welcome!
  • Direct Search
    Unable to find that sexy picture you saw yesterday? A new search engine will help you sort through all the posts
In addition to these new features, we will, of course, bring back everything that made Temporarily Exposed great. But we can't do this without your help! As a patron, you'll get early access to the new Temporarily Exposed, extra perks when we launch, the ability to give feedback and get a direct say in the direction the website takes. We want to create a safe space for any and all users and great people is where it begins.
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Better International Support
One of the most heard suggestions was improving the speed of the website across the globe. When I hit this goal it will be possible to have the website run not only in the EU but also in the US or Asia. 
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