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About Tender Troupe

We are a troupe of veteran game developers who ran off from mainstream casual titles and took the quality and polish with us. Tender Troupe artists are AAA talents by day and anatomy enthusiasts by night.

Our adult games are equipped with sexy mainstream-level mechanics, cute characters, and a juicy narrative you could bite into.

The two things you can expect from all our games are high quality and replay value – we know the tricks and techniques of development back-alleys and will only ever deliver games that are polished to perfection. But you know, dirty.

  • We want to continue making games in many different genres and tell new steamy stories.
  • We are a small team, with the tendency to grow.
  • We want to use our knowledge of making indie, AA and AAA games and create new experiences. But to do that we need you. Not just as fans - but as collaborators.
  • Help us make the games that you want to play.
  • Even better, work with us and help us push forth even more quality titles:
    • We need writers artists and talented programmers that love and breathe adult and erotic games.
  • All feedback is a step into a better direction. We really want to hear from you!

Why should I support you?

  • With your support we can make more games, faster, and better tailored to what you like
  • Join us in the process! These are some elements of game development you can now experience from as close or far as you’d like:
    • The rush towards achieving milestones
    • The joy of a good build
    • Pre-launch nervous breakdowns
  • We want to include you in our creative thinking process. The Tender Troupe is passionate about sharing knowledge - together we may dare to grasp for more than we ever could alone.

When do you release updates?

  • Tender Troupe is an agile team that aims to be as flexible as possible.
  • To accomplish that, we will have bi-monthly game updates (builds).
  • We are documenting everything - you can expect weekly updates in form of screenshots, art, and blog posts.
  • We want to cover things that may be interesting to players and other creators alike. Therefore, our blog posts will contain the following categories too:
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Good practices in the gaming industry
    • Searching for investors
    • Organisational methods that actually work

How can I contact you?

For all job inquiries, feedback and ideas contact us on tendertroupe.com or send us an email at [email protected]

Our Games:

Long Lost Lust:

This adult fantasy RPG/visual novel lets you romp up with rebel girls and goddesses.

The fantasy world is in peril after Eris, the Goddess of Despair, cursed most of its denizens with a terrible loss of sexual appetite. A bare few of your compatriots managed to escape with their libido intact. Could you be the Chosen One, destined to bestow joy upon your homeland once again? Find out by bedding the Goddess of Pleasure, the sweet but dangerous Aine. If you should succeed, you may partake in a hero's journey across the beds of the entire kingdom, right up to the evil Eris herself.


Make massive profits in this casual idle clicker full of casual sex with benefits. You are Dick Ruff, a scheming entrepreneur and rising political figure who’ll do just about anything to become A Dick You Can Trust.

Booty Farm:

Grow crops, relationships, and some other things in this raunchy farm dating sim game.

You've just inherited a farm out of the blue but you, the playboy about town, don't know anything about farming. Should you sell it or should you ask your uncle's cute assistant Mindy to teach you a few tricks? Perhaps even meet your sexy neighbors and see if they need some help? Earn a bit of money and a lot of loving? Yep, we thought you'd get your hands dirty.

With your support, we can make more games outside the hobby game genre!

21% complete
  • Reaching this level of support will allow us to invest ourselves into Tender Troupe development. This is a big milestone for us - it means that you will give us the confidence in knowing that there is an audience ready to enjoy our games as we work on them. What it means for you is that the games come out faster and look better - they’re way high up our priority chart and we can commit to them with open arms! :)
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