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About Teng Teng Studios - The Secrets of Angels City

Hi everyone! My name is Teng. I am a Malaysian cinematographer and tech entrepreneur.
I love stories and now I'm developing a game for anime fans with my team that will be exhibited on the 27-29th September 2019 for the Climate Action Art & Design Fair in support of the UNDP Sustainable Goals to create a better environment by 2030.

All this while, I have been making films and all types of videos. This time, I'm going to design an online game for gamers who are excited to try out new innovations.

We are combining 2D Anime Visual Novel with 3D modeling. We are excited to see how the results would turn out and would like to share it with everyone once the game is done. It will be FREE for all users to play! :)

Easter Eggs: We are pleased to collaborate with the well-known EcoLogic Studio, the game-changer in the research industry who designs algae curtains and 'trees' to reduce carbon dioxide in the city. Their technology will be spotted in our game design! 
This is the link to their most recent updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecoLogicStudio-240186979427376/