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You will be one of the team of people I reach out to when I am looking for feedback / opinions. Additionally, I will be very grateful to you for helping support Ten One Math's efforts. You are an important part of making this happen and I thank you. This goes for all plans from $3 and up.

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Thank you. Your help is very much appreciated and I feel so overwhelmingly grateful. Also you get to be a part of the Discord chat group. Let's chat! This goes for all plans from $5 and up.

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YOU GET EXTRA THANKS. $11 a month is really generous. Thank you! You'll get all of the above, plus you'll be in the "random surprise" group. I'll email you random surprises once in a while. This goes for all plans from $11 and up.




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About Michael Dowell

What if I told you 80% of the world (including the U.S., UK and Australia) is teaching number words that are scientifically proven to confuse math learners?

My situation:
I'm Michael Dowell, a dad and math nerd. I started Ten One Math in 2016 after posting on facebook a weird idea to make things easy for math learners. I figured the post would get ignored and I could go on with my non-mathy life.

But nooooo. Friends who are teachers and parents wrote, "Hey, you might be onto something here. Science proved we need new English language number words, and apparently you just invented them. You should make this into a math game for kids."

Since then, I've published over 100 game levels built in Unity, HTML5 games, printables with number words 1-100, started tutoring young children how to count up to 100 on Skype, and Ten One Math has become a 60+ hour/ week job for me. Ten One Math keeps growing every day.

Cost: Free. Everything can be accessed for free on tenonemath.com -- including free 1-on-1 Skype tutoring. This helps low-income families who have the greatest need. Some friends suggested Patreon, so I'm giving it a try!

The way Patreon works is you can donate any amount you want and the donation continues every month after that. Anything from $3/month is a huge help to the cause!

What we'll use the money for:

Our initial goal is $12,000/ month -- with this amount Ten One Math can keep going indefinitely. Here are Ten One Math's costs:

Hosting. We need robust hosting so we can remain online during highest spikes in traffic so it doesn't ruin our happiness.
Software Development. We hire programmers to help build math software and make changes to the website.
Facebook post "Boosts". When we write a new announcement on facebook, this makes sure that 1/2 or 1/3 of our audience will see the posts.
Me. I need to eat and wear clothes and keep the lights on. I'm a dad with one kid and I live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Pasadena, so needs are minimal.
One employee. We need someone to handle things like language translation requests, spam comment deletion, customer service, and other small jobs. These things add up to several hours per day, and without this employee I end up doing these things myself and have much less time to work on new math games.

Those are the basics. With these bits covered, Ten One Math can support itself.

Stretch Goal:
The stretch goals will allow us to take Ten One Math to the next level and do things like:
• More Free Tutoring -- hire a 2nd employee to do more free 1 on 1 tutoring for young children
• Bigger Games -- multiplayer, 3D, MR / VR / AR
• Animated Videos -- animated versions of blog posts?

The stretch goal would be amazing to hit, but simply being totally supported by reader generosity would make us feel endlessly grateful, no matter what.

Anyway, thanks for any support you can offer if you decide to, and thanks for being a part of Ten One Math.

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