is creating NSFW HENTAI 18+ RPG/ Pixel ART
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About Tenta

About me

Welcome to my fan page!
I'm creating Hentai RPG " Demon Slayer Maiden Shion" that The heroines who are dressed in a tight fitting high leg cut suits fight against tentacles and monsters strongly, beautifully and fascinatingly.
If you are interested in " Fighting Heroine" "Sex with Tentacles & Monster" "Ryona" "Leotard & Bodysuit" "Pixel ART", please support me.


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"Demon Slayer Maiden Shion" Trial version

User guide

Language change
You can switch languages between Japanese and English from options.
Almost sentences in the game will be switched.

Defeat and Surrender
When Shion 's HP becomes 0, She is fettered.
Once this state is reached, She can not do anything anymore and will be endangered endlessly.
If you press the shift key at the end of the turn, you will see a confirmation screen for defeat.


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