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Light as a Feather, you follow every step in the fields of transcription, engraving (discussing ways & methods), music typography research, notation font design process and more.

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About Terentyev

H E L L O,

Here they read about music notation and whichever events the notation might appear in. The editions I produced for other artists shall be found in Terentyev Publishing shop, while here are the accompanying materials: sketches, comments, peculiar cases, methods, advertising, typography and what not. You’re most welcome to enjoy them with us together.

Most posts are tagged:
#MusicEngraving&design — everything dealing with writing music in notation, designing notation fonts, as well as sheet music design, preparing for print and many other processes of working with music notes;
#diary — working routine and small ideas;
#iListen — when there’s something to say about the music I listen to;
#MyMusic — sometimes I create music, too;
#RomanStolyar#TigranHamasyan#Current93 — these are about the editions I’ve made or in the process of making for these artists.

But there’s more to read here, be sure. Just follow up.
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Well, this page has been supported by 5 patrons since its start in May 2019. I’m tremendously thankful to them — all coming from different countries: Austria, Belgium, USA, Russia and Finland. Now with 15 patrons there’ll be a clear sign that the page has a potential to grow bigger and it’s worth wakening the flame here.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts