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About Termination Shock

What is Termination Shock?

Termination Shock is a new science-fiction role-playing game from designer Greg Stolze, set in a world of exhilarating, terrifying freedom.

In Termination Shock, you and your friends portray people in a hard-bitten future, suddenly displaced from a solar system filled with fear and strife and brought to a new galaxy filled with secrets, peril, and opportunity.

The game uses a light but robust system. Players use a set of three differently-sized dice representing the force of their character’s three traits:
  • Energy, how well a character resists events.
  • Gravity, how well a character makes events happen.
  • Harmony, how well a character turns events to their advantage.

Two dice with the highest numbers sum up to determine how well a player completes an action, and the dice with the lowest number helps determine the impact of the player’s action. These results are altered further with a character’s three advantages:
  • Permissions, which give a character exclusive access to special actions.
  • Exploits, which improve situations a character excels at.
  • Failsafes, which can defuse a failure or even turn it into a success.

The game provides a setting filled with unique aliens and fascinating worlds, with more than enough freedom for players to make their own mark on the galaxy. Their characters will embark on amazing journeys, rubbing shoulders (or equivalent appendages) with beings like Sleeves, Scavs, or Preds!

You can purchase the game on itch.io or on Drive Thru RPG.

What is this Patreon?

This Patreon allows us to continue to work on Termination Shock, providing new content to expand and enhance the game. If you love Termination Shock, and want more science-fiction goodness, you've come to the right place!

In exchange for your support, you can get rewards such as:
  • The Termination Shock Podcast: This podcast covers some of the earliest days of the game, allowing for a unique experience of listening to a game further develop as it is played!
  • First Access to New Material: As new expansions to Termination Shock are developed, you will receive them first, well before the public!

Who Are You?

We are Crankshaft Constellation, a new company dedicated to manufacturing fascinating worlds. Termination Shock is our very first publication.

Thank you for your support!

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