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Word! Your $1 toward my new tracks will provide me with honest revenue to equip myself with better gear, and keep my momentum going to put out new quality content on a regular basis for you and my other fans! It's the little things in life, you know? Thanks a million! : )
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Awesome! This reward gives you access to my Patron-only stream, where I'll talk from time to time about what I'm up to as a musician, the music I'm currently working on, and how I feel about it. 

I'm out to engage in an open forum to respond to comments, questions, suggestions & song requests! I love talking music with my fans!




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Hey there, everybody! Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I'm a self-contained multi-instrumentalist musician based out of Portland, Oregon; and I'm out to make beautiful, weird, thought-provoking & shoe-tappingly catchy songs! I've been writing, recording, mixing & producing my own songs out of my bedroom for almost ten years, and I'd love nothing more than to do that as a full-time job. With your support, I can make that happen! Here's how you can help:

The more monetary support I receive through Patreon, the less I have to focus on the little bothersome things! That means indulging in new equipment & having the financial luxury of spending more time on making music for my fans!

Any dollar amount you're comfortable with is humbly appreciated and whether or not you choose to be my patron, I'm honored & thrilled if you enjoy my music! If I can make this work, it'll be a dozen dreams come true. Thanks for your support and happy listening!
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