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I enjoy writing software. There are tons of problems out there in the world, not all of which are something large software companies like Google or Facebook want to take on. There are problems that would be hard to monetize, at least ethically. There are projects that would try to provide an alternative to giving your data or tying your livelihood to large corporations. There are problems that I just find interesting. Join me as I write software that someone can hopefully use and find value in.


  • General-purpose Kubernetes cluster
  • Git hosting
  • Mail server
I run the software I write, and that costs money. I also want to avoid tying my code to any of the major code hosting platforms, so I run a gitea server for myself as well. Ideally I'd like to cover those costs and maybe have a little left over to buy a drink once in a while.


  • A bittorrent tracker that adds peers from DHT and scales easily across multiple nodes.
  • That "who's on screen" thing that Amazon Video does, but selfhosted and based on computer vision/ML.
  • A selfhosted metrics/analytics tool that doesn't suck, and probably just fires info into Prometheus or something
  • A selfhosted way to build an audience that supports you as a creator. It should integrate with payment providers (PayPal, Stripe, etc) and content hosts (YouTube, etc.), and social media (facebook?, twitter?, idk...). It should be reasonably easy for the layman to host themselves, so most configuration should be driven through the web UI, it should be able to run with few/no external dependencies (support for SQLite or similar, no need for s3, mail?, etc). The biggest goal behind it being selfhosted is to be resistant to external influence (so long as you can find a server host, payment provider, and domain registrar) and allows people to put up or shut up when it comes to moaning about the control platforms have over them. I've thought about this way too much, it's a huge project.
  • A selfhosted (or non-hosted, like an electron app or something) finance management app. It should integrate with all of the financial providers I use, and probably be pluggable so it can easily support more. Basically an alternative to giving all of your data to the hivemind of the data brokers (like intuit, yodlee, plaid, etc).



status: testing prototype/iterating
You upload videos to it and can watch them together (synchronized play/pause/seek) with friends in your browser. It's original conception was for use with anime, so converting files with multiple audio streams and burning subs is an important aspect. It may grow to include some sort of text/voice chat.


status: prototyping
A simple server that provides identity and authentication (oauth2, oidc) and integrates simply with nginx's auth_request and traefik's ForwardAuth


status: paused at prototyping
A tiny owntracks-compatible server written in golang.


status: prototyping
A server that receives webhooks from gitea, brokers access to repos, and pretends to be a gitlab server, so you can run gitlab-ci without having to run a bloated gitlab server.


status: paused at early prototyping
A slack polling app, meant to be cheap/free, ideally didn't need much/any long-term data storage, and self-hostable.


status: research/foundational work
A bittorrent client that can read from/write to s3 compatible storage from multiple servers, likely with some sort of way to map files directly from storage to a filesystem.


status: reevaluating/paused after prototyping
YouTube continues to be bad at delivering subscriptions, so this was meant to collect videos, display them in chronological order, and keep track of what you've already watched. They made some changes with their API limits that may make this next to impossible as designed (and storage/db costs are not tiny either), and I am looking at making it a client-only PWA.

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