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Join our T.I.P. gaming club!

Once a month you and other supporters will join our resident GM for a private game hosted online.

Games will be held remotely over discord and may feature future games yet to be played on the podcast or a game chosen by you and the rest of the group. These games will not be recorded but may be reported on in the podcast in the form of play reports and as promotion.

Games will be held on a Saturday or Sunday of the following month after your support is processed, we'll work with the available players to choose a weekend day that is suitable for the majority.

Exact time of the game will be narrowed down with the group but do keep in mind that our GM is based in Toronto, Canada and as such most games will take place during the day in the Eastern timezone.
If no suitable time can be found or should you be unavailable for that game session you may carry over your reservation to the next month (I owe you one free TIP game) or offer your seat to a friend or donate them to be raffled off to a lucky listener.
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About The Terrible Warriors

Who are we?

The Terrible Warriors is a podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Table Top Role Playing Games. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a 20-sided dice we are here to show that anyone and everyone can play. We’ve been recording campaigns since 2012, releasing new episodes every Tuesday as an anthology of stories.

Most of our campaigns, or adventures, are released as a four-part self-contained campaign. Each game plays host to a different collection of players and GMs ranging from our personal friends like Super Villain  Conal Macbeth, Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor, Derek “The Bard” Burrow, and Mike “The Birdman” Dodd, notable guests like Mark Meer (MASS EFFECT, VERSUS VALERIE, TINY PLASTICMEN), Kyle Hebert (WRECK IT RALPH, DRAGONBALL Z) and Ajay Fry (INNERSPACE/SPACE CHANNEL).

We’ve played with as many RPG rulesets as we can find including  D20Open D6Palladium RPGApocalypse World, and Fate. Our settings have included original creations in  fantasyscience fictionsurvival horror, and teen angst/melodrama (yes, really) all the way to familiar settings like  Star WarsThe MatrixPokemon, the DC Universe and cult favourites like  Spirit of the CenturyPathfinder, and Paranoia.

When it comes to tabletop RPGs our collection of Player Characters (PCs) and Game Masters (GMs) and their combined experience is unparalleled. We have shared hundreds of hours of character stories, dice rolls, and the random nonsense and joy that can only be achieved by the interactive storytelling that tabletop RPGs provide. 

Why Patreon? Why now?

To put it simply, this show ain't simple. Putting together enough content to release a new chapter every Monday and Thursday from players all across Canada is no easy task. Each campaign usually means organizing a marathon five-hour recording session every single month. It means hours of prep work, working out schedules (there are none of us who work full-time for the podcast and we each have our own conflicting work schedules and commitments), booking studio time, editing and producing the show to sound appealing to our listeners and meeting the quality that we have come to expect of ourselves, and to constantly and consistently be on the lookout for new games and settings.

It is an understatement when we say that it takes a significant amount of resources and sacrifice to keep this show rolling.

Now we love doing this show. We’ve been playing almost non-stop since our first game in October of 2012 and we have no plan on ending. But we know we can do better. We know we can provide a unique and entertaining show, with newer and better games, with the quality we’ve come to expect of ourselves, and inviting new friends and special guests to join us in our games.

We have never charged a fee to listen to our show (and never will!) and the reality of audio podcasting in Canada makes advertising untenable and unrealistic. So we’re approaching our community of listeners and players to consider supporting us so that we can continue to grow. With whatever support you think suitable we’ll be able to help cover the costs of running the show, pay artists for their contributions, pay for music licenses for use in the program, and bring a better variety of games and contributors into our studio.

You might be asking, “Will the show be going behind a paywall?” so let us be as clear as we can. The show will always be available for free forever. We have no plans to gate our adventures. We may produce additional content that will be available to Patreon subscribers, such as our old debriefings that we cut from the format for scheduling reasons, but any rewards will be supplementary. Our supporters will be supporting a free podcast that everyone can access because they want this show to grow as much as we do.

There are over 20 of us plus other artists and creatives we include for various projects, with your support we'll be able to compensate people for their time and hard work in more than just a pizza lunch and exposure. We're already thankful that you've even read this far. Our goal is make more content and pay the people who work on this program. We believe this platform is the best way to achieve that goal and keep intact the reasons why you enjoy the 
Terrible Warriors.
$149.63 of $300 per month
"Upgrade the studio!"

We need new equipment to be able to host remote guests and live stream our shows. If we reach this goal we'll be able to begin upgrading our recording devices and computers to be able to bring more options to what we can produce.
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