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About Terry Scott Taylor

Hi kids! Terry Scott Taylor here, welcoming you to my Patreon web site and asking for your support.

In terms of creativity I'm incredibly excited about this year, which is shaping up to be a uniquely prolific one for me.

I've got a number of new projects planned and in fact I'm writing and recording new music right now, here at home, that I'm anxious for you to hear. I'm also in the process of writing a book of childhood memoirs and I've got plans for a number of surprises for all of you who choose to become members of what we are calling "Uncle Terry's Inner Circle." Your membership is a support system that will make it possible for me to make available to you exclusive homemade musical content, videos, demos, book excerpts and articles, and all kinds of unique material that, as members, you will get before anyone else.

We've got a number of rewards for you to choose from, so look those over carefully and know that your membership in "The Inner Circle" will not only serve to support me and my family and afford me the opportunity to continue to do what I love and do best, but also a portion of the proceeds will go to "The Alzheimers Association" in honor of my Mom.

I can't do any of this without you, so to those who choose to join, let me say in advance, "welcome to Uncle Terry's Inner Circle, and in the words of Saint Thomas Aquinas "I really appreciate it."

Much love to you all and thanks everybody!
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If I can reach this goal of 500 Patrons then I can start collaborating with my friends and be able to pay them for their time and efforts. I can also upgrade my home studio.
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