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Hi, I'm Teutholimax, a Seattle-based experimental musician. I've been making ambiguously-classified noises as an art for for over a decade.

Sometimes it's melodic:

Sometimes it's creepy dark ambience:

And sometimes it's waves of screeching unwholesome feedback:

Whatever it is, it's always highly textural, atmospheric, and almost completely unmarketable by traditional means. But a lot of people seem to like it and want me to keep making it. If you're one of them, there are a few ways you could help:

1. You can buy my albums on Bandcamp. They're all pay-what-you-want because not everyone has money to spare and I think that's a silly reason to keep music away from people.

2. You can pledge to this Patreon page, giving me a small financial incentive to keep finishing songs and get them into people's ears. Again, this isn't a paywall, and you can still hear the things I post here for free. But if you can afford to help me out, it means a lot to me.

3. You can tell your friends about me, or use whatever social network you have at your disposal to spread the word, because the whole point of making music is so that people will hear it.

And to everyone who's ever contributed, thank you so much.

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