TEUTONIC [Official]

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Teutonic Islander (Rank 2)
per month

- Get special role on discord

- Skin change available for the Teutonic Shop

- Get a double life if you buy a dinosaur in the Teutonic Shop

- Unlock internal Islander channel and voice chat
- 1 monthly life for the Teutonic Rex when he is in-game

Includes Discord rewards

About TEUTONIC [Official]

TEUTONIC [Official]

A European Community that focuses on Dinosaur games. High-End dedicated servers, located in Germany for best possible ping in most of EU. Primarily focusing on the game "The Isle" , but includes Beasts of Bermuda and Path of Titans. A fast growing community, that offers altered gameplay experiences, events and most of all, FUN.

Check: www.teutonic-isle.eu

Our Features:
- 7500+ Members
- Dino Shop. Buy dinosaurs and play them on the servers (without real money, point system)
- 6 Server 4x The Isle, 1x Beasts of Bermuda and 1x Path of Titans (Coming soon)
- Professional discord with experienced staff, Ranks and social focus.
- Rules and low rules servers, for any desired gameplay experience

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