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Thirsty Adventurer
You're stoppin' by the tavern cause you're thirsty for adventure, so why not pick the adventures we shall partake on? All pledges at or above this level will be able to submit and vote on writing prompts for each episode! 
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Proud Patron
You know how at the end of PBS shows they say: "brought to you in part by viewers like you." Well this is kind of like that but way better.

Pledges at this level will have their patronage on display AS I SHOUT THEIR NAME FROM A MOUNTAIN TOP! ...actually, I'll personally thank ye at the end of each episode in the credits!

I will shout your name from a mountain top if you ask.

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Mead Fiend
All pledges at this level will have access to weekly game streams where y'all can chat with me while I try to beat old video games for two hours and promise not to cuss too much.

You'll also have access to The Tankard, a supplemental podcast where I talk about inspirations in movies, music, and games, along with additional conversations that get cut from episodes.




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About Dominic Moschitti

Listen to thrilling tales of fantasy! Every episode of Tales from the Tavern features a tale from myself along with special guests bringing their stories of far away lands to your ears!

Tales from the Tavern  is completely independent. Producing, recording, editing, and the various other duties of of the show take up a lot of time. Help me devote more time to the show by supporting Tales from the Tavern here on Patreon.

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