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$2 per episode gets you everything in Level 1, plus access to the Frank and Dan Diaries. It's really just our warmup session, but now we push record and you guys get to listen! We cover personal topics including what's for dinner, musings on the weather, movies we've recently seen, updates on Frank's love life, etc. 


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About Thank God I'm Atheist

Greetings non-believers, we're Frank and Dan, creators and hosts of the 'Thank God I'm Atheist' podcast.

Every week we celebrate rational thought, enjoy intelligent and reasoned discourse, and gently point out the gaping logical holes and utterly ridiculous notions inherent in theistic belief.

This podcast was made for smart, thinking people who, at some point or other, realized that the concept of a magic daddy in the sky who grants wishes to good little boys and girls is every bit as stupid as it sounds, and turned to a life of godlessness.

Eight Years of TGIA!

In November 2011, we recorded our first episode in a small studio at an after-school media arts center where Frank taught documentary filmmaking. Neither of us had spent much time listening to podcasts, but we had an idea! Be the happy atheists who seemed to be missing at the time from the larger atheist community!! 

We watched our stats closely after those first few episodes, and amazingly, people were listening. And as soon as we started getting a couple of emails each week, we were hooked! Fast forward a year or two, and one of our earliest listeners, Mackenzie, took the reins of our Facebook page and a community started to develop from there. 

Community is our focus and we'd like your support to help us keep building the atheist community.

Making a Living

We've made this show a habit and a hobby, and we've both dreamed of making it our living. But in typical Frank and Dan fashion, we can't do things the easy way. We've been running ads for the past few years, but we'd really like to ween ourselves off the teat of corporate advertising. Ads don't make us a ton of money, but they do help keep the show up and running. With your support we'd like to drop ads and hopefully take a step toward the show providing a regular and predictable source of income for the both of us.

But none of this can happen without your support.

We need your help to grow and are asking you to partner with us to make it happen. We know we're only as strong as the community around us, and we're excited by the strength and commitment we feel from each of our listeners.

Please help us reach our goals by becoming a supporter of TGIA today.

Thank You

$827.34 of $950 per episode
We just lost our amazing helper/producer Chris, which means more work for Frank and Dan. The one task that would be amazing to hire out would be to have a professional edit and post the show for us each week. But that takes a little more money than we have. Please help us get to this new goal and help us have more time to focus on great content for the show! 
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