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About TG Weaver

My name is Weaver. I'm an artist and a writer, in the loosest and most forgiving sense of those words. I've been producing art for the internet for over 12 years now.
I make comics, run quests (which themselves are basically interactive comics), draw cartoony monsters, and create little worlds.
Thanks to the generosity and continued support of all my fans, The Website is finally here! Come join the fun, but please -- you must be 18 or older!

So come check out the site for a selection of the many things in store!
Some of these things:

You can also find updates, news, and other such posts on my new(ish) Twitter account.

You may know my work from quests and web series like RubyQuest, DiveQuest, and NanQuest, or comics like Boxdog and Aganomad. You may just know me from the various weird monsters I doodle, or the assorted fanart I draw, or even the old drawhores of /b/ like Epic Fail Guy. Or you may not know me at all. That's fine too. Now you do!

But whether it's continued and serious narratives, or just doodles in the margin, I'm drawing every day. And I hope to keep it that way forever, for myself, and for all of my gracious fans who enjoy and support what I do.

The Future: Where Does the Money Go
Short answer:
The website, and keeping me alive!

Long answer: One question I heard a lot was "where can I find all of your work"? Well, until now, I didn't have a single answer for that.

But thanks to everyone's support, I now finally have a website (18+!) -- a single, centralized repository for ALL my work. It comes complete with a searchable and comment-ready database of comprehensively-tagged pictures, plus a bunch of fun little features like a Tegaki board, a gachapon machine, an interactive stickerbook, and more. At long last, a place to put every single thing I make, which has notoriously been scattered to different sites, as well as plenty of stuff that's never been posted before. As of now, the site's archive is still building up, but it will be added to in large batches.
I owe all this to the people who've supported me so well for so long. I can only hope it one day becomes good enough to deserve all you've given me.

Now that this is done, I can host all of my own works, and I mean all of my works, from early drawhoring days to present, in one convenient location! Quests and comics will be rehosted here with a coherent interface eventually, ready to browse in a format more friendly than the simple chan board structure. New comics and adventures await as well! No more rehosting on third party sites just so people can catch up with stories, no more months of downtime when a host goes out. Further, possible merchandise and commissioning options could be available! It's my chance to branch out and establish something bigger, that will benefit everyone.
I'm serious about this website! It's taken a long time, but it's here! Some funds will go towards hosting/domain, and keeping the website running!

But I won't lie! The truth is most of it will go towards simple things, like food, utilities, rent, and just getting myself by. Building the website will continue now that it's gone public, but I continued survival is a priority too. I'm transparent that way. And for the sake of full disclosure, I am making public that my monthly rent and bills, and all fees included, comes to about $500 USD. Used to be way lower, but this is the world we live in. So hey, now you know that about me.
But that means I have more time and more ability to focus on my work and my art, and as a result, I should be able to keep a better update schedule on my primary projects going forward! That, I think, would go a long way.

Because much of my work may sometimes be adult in themes of violence or sexuality, I will be playing it safe. I do not host material directly on Patreon or other sites that have careful guidelines about "not safe for work" material. So be forewarned that any content from this point on may be not safe for work, and be aware of adult content!
Of course, the best place to go is my new website, TGWeaver's Trash Pile! It's got everything, and while the gallery is still being built, I'm adding to it all the time, stocking in old pictures and updating new ones!
You can find news, updates, and my personal feed on my Twitter.
I run a Discord server specifically focused on my many works. It's used much like a forum, in that there's no other real venue to discuss, say, RubyQuest right now. While it's not an exclusive server, I don't have a public invite link either, to avoid certain problems the server had early on. Hit me up on Twitter and I can send you an invite -- you don't need to be a Patron for this.
Used to be you could come to my blog for a lot of content, but Tumblr shuttered it in December of 2018. Will it ever come back? Maybe! I've got the entire thing downloaded and backed up for a rainy day, so who knows what the future will hold.
For comics and quests, check the following links for NanQuest, DiveQuest, RubyQuest, Boxdog, and Aganomad.
For specific pools of fanart while the gallery is made more complete, your best bet is here for My Little Pony, and here for Five Nights at Freddy's.

Why should you pledge to me?
I'm not sure! But I'll keep drawing monsters and weirdos and horror and humor, and if you want to pledge, you'd sure be helping me out. And with your help, I pledge to draw even more of those things, forever. For that, you have my eternal gratitude. Getting that website thing working has really helped too, not just me, but for all my fans searching for a singular repository.
I do not paywall my art, and I never have. I will never put out versions of pics that are higher res, or more pornographic, and restrict those to donor eyes only. The exception would be if at some point I make a coherent, commercially-aimed work (e.g. a self-published book) I would probably charge for that as a product, but I don't really view that as the same thing. You may disagree, so I'm keeping this disclaimer here as warning.
Besides, giving away your hard-earned money to a stranger over the internet so that this stranger can keep doing what they're already doing for free is not just smart, it's cunning. No one will ever expect it.

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