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You are the core supporters who make my writing and community-building possible. Thank you! You'll see articles and drafts that haven't made it into the world yet - and might not. Tell me your ideas for future posts, too, please! I want your input!
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Kia ora! Hello and welcome to my Patreon! I'm super excited you are here.

I've been creating free resources through Sacraparental and elsewhere for six years now, helping parents raise world-changing children.

I do love it! I come from a church background, where we all share our gifts with each other, and I'm proud of all the good, free stuff I've put into the world over the last few years, from The Maisy Test for sexism in children's media, to my Lent with Kids plan that families around the globe use in the run-up to Easter. 

But a girl's gotta eat! I'm now a freelance writer, supporting my family of four, and I need to channel a lot of my writing time into paid articles for websites like The SpinoffThe Sapling and Storypark, and other contract writing.

By becoming a Patron, you can give me room to write important things that don't fit elsewhere. I want to advocate for children's rights and help parents go against the flow. I want to equip families to make the world a better place, together. I want to be free to say what I think, be my own editor, and keep Sacraparental free from advertising or sponsorship. 

I'd also love to be able to provide workshops to churches and community groups, even if they can't cover my costs themselves. Help me bring messages of justice, inclusion, kindness and non-conformity to anyone who wants to hear them. 

When you become a Patron you will also help me devote more time to building life-changing, positive online communities, like the BRILLIANT+AMAZING+WRITERS+MOTHERS network that has become the kindest, deepest-connecting place on the internet. Guiding that community, and several others I'm part of online, takes time and thought, and I'd love to have more headspace for such things. 

Of course, one of the ways Patreon users normally tempt Patrons in is to give you access to stuff you can't get without paying. This presents a dilemma for me, since I'm committed to providing free resources to everyone! I answer anyone's questions, through my website and Facebook page, and I listen to anyone who wants to suggest future blog posts or has something to share.

So what you'll get from me if you click BECOME A PATRON is a bit different.

  • Solidarity: A sense of being part of a team with me, working to make the world a better place
  • Sneak peeks: You'll see everything first, before it goes up elsewhere online
  • Suggestions: What do you want me to write about? I'd love to know, and I'll make it easy for you to tell me. That goes for rewards, too - tell me your ideas. 

So how about it? Do you appreciate what I contribute to the world? Do you have a spare few bucks a month to help make it possible? I'd love you to join the team.

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Release the drafts!

I have, as of launch day, 161 draft Sacraparental posts partially completed.

Writing for Sacraparental takes a lot of time. My posts are well-researched, thoughtfully structured, and aim to be the most useful article on the subject on the whole internet. Let me write more of these!

Some of my favourite examples, that took hours and hours to write, include:

Kids for social justice: 6 ways kids can change the world
Hard days with little kids
The Maisy Test
12 reasons kids to welcome kids in church + tips for actually doing it
Everyday Misogyny: 122 subtly sexist words about women (and what to say instead)
Gentle Parenting: 56+ magic phrases to end battles over picky eating - and the science behind trusting kids to eat what the need
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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