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Going Steady

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Going Steady for ALL Voices is an independent studio space and media company dedicated to giving a voice and a platform for ALL voices since 2004.
In this time, we interviewed over 10,000 people from all over the world, of all nationalities, and genders.  

Censorship is on the rise and independent media has never been more important than today. We do not receive government funding and we believe this path is integral to truly being a voice for ALL people, at a time when even TorStar group "benefits" from government funding (CEWS and CERS).

As a media company, we feature: artists, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and free thinkers in every profession, from lawyers to alternative health experts, on all topics, from helping viewers understand the Bill of Rights to providing a space for musicians, CD, book, and new product launches, to mindfulness meditation classes and esoteric topics that truly reflect the human condition.

In these Covid times, we continue to do this, giving people an international audience via our website, and distribution on our various platforms, including CaribVisionTV on Bell Fibe, reaching 1.2 million homes in Canada, in addition to the eastern USA and the all the countries in the Caribbean.

Our media is designed to empower people with information, knowledge, and a sense of belonging. Our discussion panels have become very popular and are giving people an outlet in these difficult times.

Please support us monthly with a $3.79 donation, or choose a custom amount when you choose "become a patron" and know that you are actively part of the solution and you will be a part of our community. In addition, you will receive freebies and special offers by being in touch with us as a member via email.



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Supporter Membership

Support freedom of speech and independent media. is an indie news and entertainment channel.

WE have been here since 2004 doing giving you a voice and airing content that connects with you.

In these difficult times, as an essential business, we are here for you more than ever.

Social media was designed to be a vehicle for freedom yet social media censorship has increased like never before. We are here to represent a set of diverse voices, openly and respectfully voicing concerns that affect all of us in these strange and historic times.

Support and protect our basic human freedoms: free press, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.

Benefits you receive include:
  • Exclusive access to our talent and independent business directory
  • Access to our uncensored video feeds – censorship has unfortunately become a reality for many people these days, as the internet is blocking content at accelerating rates. Our platform allows you to access our uncensored live stream all our videos.

Free Speaker

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Free Speaker

All of the above tier benefits, plus:

  • Interview on ThatChannel once per year.

  • Radio commercial in rotation on

  • 10% off any ThatChannel product or service or Media Package 

  • Listing in our video directory (along with your interview!)

  • Be a Free Speaker Leader. Get on our caller list and be able to call in and give your opinion on live radio or TV about the issue being discussed. It’s time for your voice to be heard!

About ThatChannel Media and Broadcasting Studios

ThatChannel was established in 2004 as a forum for free and independent thought working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and community organizations. This means building community. In these historical and difficult times, this near two-decade long initiative becomes more important than ever.

Small businesses and independent media are being shut down and silenced at alarming rates. Since the early 2000's, the push to get everyone onto social media has come full circle: print, newspaper, and magazines have gone out of business at alarming rates. Even the post office is suffering. Our only means of receiving information or communicating to the world must now move through an electronic medium. Now, social media accounts are being censored and silenced. A most integral part of our Charter of Rights is "Freedom of Expression," "Freedom of Movement," and the freedom to be autonomous and not be discriminated for our religious choices, sexual preferences, or our health-care choices. We have the God-given right to refuse vaccinations, blood-transfusions, etc, and still have EQUAL access to education, public events, the right to congregate, ride public transit, and so forth. But these basic rights and freedoms are being taken away from us bit by bit. Quite frankly, we as a people, we are losing our voice.

This makes ThatChannel's initiative more important than ever. It fact, we are literally in a state of emergency. Independent media are closing at alarming rates, and independent broadcast stations are virtually non-existent. We at ThatChannel are one of the last independent news and entertainment stations in Canada. We do not have corporate sponsorship. We have built a platform over 15 years that serves the community and the community has stood behind us. But NOW we need you more than ever.

We are fortunate and unique: As an indie station, your support has kept us going. This has made this business and space possible. and this has made our new media packages possible. We have created brand-new membership packages and media packages to adapt to Covid and give the art and culture community what it needs most, within all the legal guidelines.

In recent news, our show is being distributed on Bell Fibe (channel 658), weekdays, 12 noon - 2pm, on CaribVisionTV, airing to 1.2 million homes across Canada (Ontario, Quebec, The Maritimes), eastern USA, and 20 countries in the Caribbean. This means we can give you mainstream exposure. But we need you to keep going.

We are here for you - on top of giving you the platform to showcase your art or product, we have also created brand-new Media Packages, because artists, performers, musicians, and lecturers need them. Now authors, musicians, and speakers, can legally have a space to launch their books, CD's, courses, or give a talk on our brand-new stage and fully equipped 1,500ft studio space. Any production can air live on multiple platforms.

Some of our members have the opportunity to air on our new show The 600 Club, featuring artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and issues of interest to the Caribbean community and its Canadian diaspora. As always, we air diverse viewpoints and real voices on social and political matters, aiming for well-balanced programming.

After airing live, the video is uploaded onto our Youtube channel (20K subscribers), and other platforms including Twitch, Odyssee, and Facebook to give you and your business an edge, with direct exposure to a large and dedicated audience. You also get the video to share freely for your own website, social media, and promotional purposes.

Our Patreon Membership tiers are aligned with the ones on, so once you become a member here, you are also a ThatChannel member, at no extra cost, with all the same benefits the tier you selected offers!

Find a fee more customized Member Packages on

Check out our Media Packages at: and see what they offer!

Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Please donate today and automatically become a ThatChannel member at the same. Make sure your voice is part of the solution. We need to stay together to get through this difficult time.

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