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Here's what you get for your basic membership...lots of ways to promote yourself, your business, organization, art, project, or cause. Go viral on Youtube and let your video(s) work round-the-clock generating awareness, interest, and traffic:

Go viral on Youtube: come on the Liquid Lunch show (in person or via Skype) once per year. Use the video for your website or to create traffic on social media. 
  1. One Liquid Lunch or other interview per year: produced, edited, uploaded, published with SEO.
  2. 30 second radio ad produced and in rotation on
  3. Free classified ad in ThatChannel Print Magazine (coming soon).
  4. Submit articles to Magazine
  5. Online ad in ThatChannel Directory and banner ad on
  6. Free admission to ThatChannel events and movie nights.
  7. Preferred member pricing on all ThatChannel services: TV Show, Podcasts, Video production, space rental etc.

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Here's what you'll get for your master membership:

  1. Everything included in the above basic membership, including classified ad, online directory, Liquid Lunch appearance, print ad, article submissions, VIP access, and 100% of your monthly contribution returned to you in ThatCoin. Please submit your print ad here.
  2. A Liquid Lunch interview to promote your business, organization, project, art, product. You can see samples of Liquid Lunch interviews here. If you're not in Toronto, we can do the interview via Skype.
  3. Interview broadcast live, edited, uploaded to Youtube and shared on social media with link and embed codes
  4. Up to 20 copies of Magazine to make available at your place of business or to close friends
  5. Online ad in online marketplace.
  6. Your banner ad in rotation on home page.
  7. Member pricing (up to 50% off) on future ThatChannel video production. And you can pay a percentage in ThatCoin that you accumulate monthly.




Consider becoming part of our community using media to solve problems. Not only your own personal and business problems, but the social, economic, and political problems that governments and corporations are failing to address. The time is now, and you are an essential part of the solution. 

Why a Media Community?
Mainstream media is exploiting you. TV networks sell your time and attention to advertisers only acting in the interests of their owners. Social networks gameify your experience to elicit behaviour from you that maximizes return to their shareholders (or worse, serves the interest of the military-industrial complex). This community is a principled alternative if you're tired of being exploited by so-called "free" media. Take control of the media and use it to serve you and your community.

Principles of this Community
The history of humankind can be viewed as the history of people working together to build and maintain communities; offering benefits to members otherwise unattainable. In the modern world, history, culture, technology, and events have combined to create circumstances which pose a threat to human existence itself—but also the opportunity to meet human needs like never before.

Our community is designed to use media to help members connect with one another to create solutions for individuals, businesses, organizations, and the community as a whole.

What kind of community are we creating?

  1. One which provides the means for people to gather together and communicate.
  2. One where people can enjoy themselves and the company of others.
  3. One where people can pursue their highest level of creative and spiritual expression.
  4. A resource for people to pursue their interests, to exchange information, to conceive ideas, to execute projects, to do business, and to do so with the voluntary cooperation of others who wish to help.
  5. One where people have freedom of thought, and the freedom to choose.
  6. One where people understand the need for and accept their responsibility for the well-being of the community as a whole—which in turn contributes back to the achievement of individual objectives.
  7. One where people respect the rights of others, and in turn can expect that their own rights will be respected.
  8. One where decisions are made through debate and consensus, and where stakeholders' decision making power is in proportion to their stake in the outcome of decisions.
  9. A self-supportive network that can draw from the talents and resources of all the people who want to be involved and who approve of these guidelines.
  10. An organization which provides equal opportunity for members to participate to the full extent of their ability, at the appropriate time, when they are most needed,for the benefit of the Community, and for their own sake.
  11. A fiscally sound and responsible organization which creates value by serving peoples’ real needs, and which strives to measure that value in true currency. True currency is one which, through its exchange, naturally rewards those who serve the true needs of people. Surplus currency ("profit") is to be used to ensure that the organization can provide ever increasing value to its members.
  12. A living organism that creates value for itself, its participants, and for society at large, and for our living foundation, the Earth.
For Individuals, Businesses, and Organizations:
Our media community offers many ways to achieve your connect to others in the community and around the internet, using video, radio, podcasting, print, and event and meeting space. Connect using media to increase revenue, gain resources, drive traffic, and get the word out. We are committed to working with you to set and achieve human goals leading to a better quality of life.

For the Community as a Whole
Join our principled community and participate in solutions around issues not being addressed by governments, corporations, or the mainstream media. Here's a partial list; let us know if you have an issue to add:
  • joblessness
  • homelessness
  • addiction
  • hopelessness
  • unreasonable cost of housing
  • economic injustice
  • erosion of the middle class
  • and in crease personal and business success

See a problem missing? Join our community and be part of the solution.

cultural and personal cynicism

government decisions not in your interest without your consent
all kinds of injustice

Our democracy is broken. Parliament is designed for a horse-and-buggy technological environment. Back then, it made sense. But today, the technological world has advanced so quickly that the old formal power structures (like parliament) have been overtaken by corporate decisions made behind closed doors, social networks acting in the interests of shareholders not users, and constitutions rendered useless by courts desisned for the horse and buggy days

oblems that governments, corporations, and NGOs are failing to do presently

Since 2004 TC has empowered thousands to tell their story. now we're taking it to the next level

What is Member Powered Media and why should you care?
Member Powered Media is really a new business model for media. Business models have a huge impact on media content, and media content has a huge impact on culture and the economy - ultimately affecting you and your family.

The Problem with Commercial Media

Think about this for a second: The business model of commercial media ensures that the audience is exploited rather than served. Advertisers pay broadcasters to access the audience; therefore content is designed for the benefit of advertisers, often to the detriment of the audience. Long term implications are serious:
  • cultural cynicism and degradation
  • disintegrating families and community
  • income inequality and concentration of ownership
  • depression and addiction
  • a civilization in decline, and worsening quality of life
  • Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau
Member Powered Media at ThatChannel
ThatChannel is media built to serve rather than exploit. ThatChannel is programmed by and for members - interviews with our members promote your business, community activities, organizations, projects, and artistic endeavours. Our goal is to promote you and your interests, while providing a free forum for public dialogue and conversation.

Sustainable Service

ThatChannel's business model is intentionally different. Rather than relying on advertising for revenue, ThatChannel's model asks members to contribue a small monthly subscription fee, for which they are rewarded a bundle of products and services of even greater value. Members are always welcome to suggest improvements.

Why the Urgency?
What else can we say. The cost of staying in our amazingly historical downtown location has just increased fourfold. We need your help and we are at your service.

Our promise to you
As a member powered community, ThatChannel is committed to the success of every one of our members. Become a member, let us know what you're trying to accomplish, and we will work with you to create media that supports your goal.

Next Steps
If you like our approach to media, or would like to benefit from our membership package, please check out the perks and pick one that works for you.
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