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is creating video games, film, photography
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About Thatcher Productions

Australian developer creating Video games, Photography and various film projects.

Our goal is to bring to life things that are creative, and we will not sacrifice our artistic visions to appease the snowflake bleeding hearts the world is evolving to... lets bring back schlocky, cheesy and fun works !

Patreon will help keep me able to do what I am doing and focusing on the content you want to see. Much like the profits from my projects it allows me to reinvest in my current and future projects. It all allows me to take extra time off work, spend additional hours on a project to make things as best as they can be. 

You can choose how much to support me and for how long.
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When we reach $100 per month we will start a monthly mini series showcasing exclusive history and behind the scene content of all the video game and films that have been made over the years by Thatcher productions. exclusive insight into the trials and tribulations and some fun and entertaining factoids. 
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